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  1. Well that seems to have fixed the problem. Another point - when specifying a GPS location for a location to be accurate you also need to specify the coordinate system and projection as well as the GPS Co-ordinates.
  2. I have downloaded the Capture Context tool - it is asking me for log in details I don't have - have I missed something?? Iain
  3. I'd second the need for ground control points particularly if you are tying the photogrametric map into other maps (such as site plans or local topographic maps) with any form of precision. Cheers Iain
  4. I am learning and last weekend I shot a rock in a park near where I lived. I shot in RAW plus JPG. I ran the RAW through Photoscan and I fel that the results were not great lacking sharpness and detail however today I ran the jpegs through Photoscan and although not 100% what I was hoping for they were considerably sharper and the final image had more definition. I would have thought that the reverse would have been true with the JPEG having less information than RAW images? Iain
  5. It is a "given" that to run Agisoft Photoscan you need a computer with a fair bit of computing power. I have found it difficult to discover exactly what is required as most online articles seem to lack depth and real world experience with the program. I have found some information on the Puget System website which may be of interest as they seem to be based on actual testing. https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/articles/Agisoft-PhotoScan-Multi-Core-Performance-709/ https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/articles/Agisoft-PhotoScan-GPU-Acceleration-710/ Hopefully there will be an update based on the new generation of GPU cards released in June 2016. Disclaimer This is a commercial site and they are trying to help you purchase computers for them. I have no affiliation with them. Iain Stuart
  6. Having imported a set to Australia; they work a treat! Iain
  7. There seem to be two types - some have long necks (i guess you could call them that) and others have short necks is there any particular advantage to a particular type?
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