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  1. So, I installed RTIBuilder using rtibuilder_2_0_2_setup.exe, then I double-click on the RTIBuilder app to run it. But then it doesn't start at all. A window with the mentioned error appears ("b2e.exe stopped working"). It may be due to a problem with the anti-virus, as b2e.exe is commonly identified as a virus. But I tried to disable all possible implied files, and it proved to be uneffective. I am working with Kathryn Piquette and she is puzzled too.
  2. I have installed RTI Builder on Windows 8 but apparently there is no way to open it. I get the message "b2e.exe stopped working". I have tried every possible approach that came to my mind: I made an exception in the anti-virus for RTI builder (also the Console), updated java, uninstalled and then reinstalled both Java and RTI Builder, even completely disabled my anti-virus. Nothing seems to work. Is there something that I am forgetting? Suggestions?
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