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  1. Hi all, Just wondered whether there is any news about the completion of an OA RTI viewer for iPad? I see an app on iTunes for 70 GBP. It seems to be aimed at general engagement and museums. It only allows a file size of 50mb or less which is a significant drawback for most research and conservation purposes. Would be great to get an update from the team involved in The RTI FoF: Reflectance Transformation Imaging Follow-on Funding project. Anyone in the know? Cheers - Kathryn
  2. Dear Carla, My thanks to you and Mike. The updates installed yesterday seem to have reset the privacy and security settings (grr). I had forgotten about the importance of setting this to "Anywhere" (as I had done when I first got my Mac). The RTIViewer is working once again. Many thanks for the instructions: http://forums.cultur...p-on-mac/?p=844 All best - Kathryn
  3. Hi all, I have been using RTIViewer on my Mac for over half a year and yesterday it suddenly stopped launching. I am getting the "Application not responding" message while the icon on bounces merrily on the Dock. This problem seems to correspond with some (I am not sure which) updates also installed yesterday (OS X Version 10.9.5). The system prompts me to right click whilst holding down control in order to open and then click yet to open -- but this has not worked. Anyone else had this problem? All best wishes - Kathryn
  4. Hi all, Has anyone encountered the following error when processing an HSH? "Problem with crop dimensions. Verify the crop area to continue." (see attached screen shot) The data fit just fine when I fit without cropping, but when trying again to process a cropped version, the same error came up. I also tried changing the cropped area, deselecting and re-selecting, but no luck. Any ideas what the problem might be? I have checked the usual suspects (spaces in file name, upper and lower case, umlauts, etc.). I am processing to and from an external hard drive due to the lack of space on my work computer and had just completed a successful HSH fit prior to this new data set that produced the error. Thanks for any pointers - Kathryn
  5. Keep us posted Taylor if you hear that anyone manages to do the spectral imaging. I can attest to the significant contribution infrared RTI can make to detecting and deciphering virtually invisible details. This past month I managed to achieve excellent results on the carbonised Herculaneum papyri. We were thrilled to find it is possible to flesh out meaningful marks and features from some of the worst preserved fragments that papyrologists had otherwise given up on! We will be assembling a report on this work after the second phase is completed in September. I will post details in due course.
  6. I have a different RTIViewer (and RTIBuilder) error message to report on this thread. Beyond taking care not to put any spaces in file paths, regardless of one's OS, I finally twigged today that some processing and viewing problems I have been having on my new Mac (MacBook Pro OS X 10.9.4.) are to do with the fact that my University of Cologne project folder was called "Köln". So, beyond the common list of characters/symbols to avoid (e.g. %, &, $), the use of umlauts or accents (Spanish, French, German, etc.) may also cause unwanted grief! Granted, I think I am correct in recalling that this was not a problem on my previous Windows Dell. Can anyone confirm whether this is an issue with Wndows or not?
  7. Thanks for your reply Taylor, and for your generous offer to process data for me. I am happy to report that the problem is now fixed and I am able to get these exciting IR RTI images of the Herculaneum papyri into the hands of eager papyrologists! So -- as a new Mac user as of a few weeks ago, the first time I installed RTIBuilder I think I must have run it from the desktop and at that point also dragged the icon onto the dock. I did not appreciate that I had to drag the dmg file into the applications folder first. I soon corrected the location of the dmg file but failed to update the icon on the dock (or rather assumed it had happened automatically since, after I had deleted the incorrectly located dmg file and downloaded a fresh copy for correct installation, I was able to click happily on the dock icon and successfully fit PTMs. As mentioned previously, I could seemingly fit using HSH, but the file turned out to be "empty" (about 40kb in size). It is curious that I received no error and the xml shows a successful HSH fit. Thanks to the xml file you sent me for comparison, I was able to spot the problem, highlighted below. Only then did I realise that the dock icon was not launching the software from the correct location (i.e. the Application folder). Here are the key differences to look out for in the xml toward the end of the process: GOOD: LEVEL="Information" USER="">HSHfitter Path found : /Applications/RTIbuilder-v2.0.2.app/Contents/Resources/Java/Fitters/HSHfitter/hshfitter</xc:event> BAD: LEVEL="Information" USER="">HSHfitter Path found : /Volumes/RTIbuilder 2.0.2 beta/RTIbuilder-v2.0.2.app/Contents/Resources/Java/Fitters/HSHfitter/hshfitter</xc:event> In addition to making sure there are no spaces in the file path, one must also make sure that RTIBuilder is in /Applications and not /Volumes. In the latter case, another clue that something is wrong is the presence of /RTIbuilder 2.0.2 beta.
  8. Hi Carla, Thanks for this feedback. I can confirm that I have administrator privileges. I have not been able to figure out how to check that the Cache file aspect is happening properly. Is there anything I should look into? I am getting pretty desperate to fit my growing pile of RTI data that needs to be done using HSH (the PTM fitting is working just fine). Is anyone out there using Mac OS 10.9.4 and successfully producing *.rti files? Many thanks - Kathryn
  9. Hi Carla and all, @Carla: Above (20 March 2014) you mention: "...usually due to a permissions problem with HSH needing to write to a cache file". Are there details anywhere on the Forum about how to address this problem. I searched around but did not see anything. I am having a problem with RTIBuilder on my new Mac. (Granted I was a PC user for years, so still getting up to speed on Mac and might be overlooking something basic?) Machine: MacBook Pro Retina, OS X 10.9.2 (13C64) Symptoms: 1. PTMs fit fine 2. HSH/*.rti fit with no error messages. The resultant *.rti file is c.400 KB?! It should be over 200MB based on the same data being fitted on my old PC. The Mac-processed smaller file, of course, will not open in RTIViewer. Tests: 1. Stab in dark: Changed the permission from "read only" to "read and write" in my library for the cache file folder "everyone" and "wheel". The "system" already had these permissions. This had no effect on the fitting. 2. Tried fitting when the folder was in my normal directory structure, ensuring no spaces in file names 3. Tried fitting with the folder on the desktop 4. Copied the HSH fitter to another location so I could be sure the Builder "knew" where to find it -- in case the built in path/location was faulty 5. Finally, I made sure OS was up to date and restarted computer. Still no joy: fitting appeared to happen normally without errors but file was again ridiculously small and useless. I am stumped and after scanning the xml file it is not clear to me what the problem might be. I attach the xml file from my most recent attempt. I am grateful for any advice on how to solve this problem! Best wishes - Kathryn fit-test_after_restart.xml
  10. Do the following happen to others when using the most up-to-date version of RTIBuilder on a PC? Once a process is set in motion the little executing box does not always go to the background when opening other windows. When the images are loading in, the window does go to the background, but thereafter it hangs out in the foreground (e.g. highlight detection). It would be nice if this did shift to the background -- perhaps something to add to the fix-it wish list? The Builder window sometimes minimises once a process has been set in motion, but other times it freezes and one cannot get to other windows and must wait for the process to finish before accessing the desktop. Is this something that could also be fixed? Cheers - Kathryn
  11. Hi Graeme, Happy New Year! What does 2014 hold for the RTI AHRC Project (above)? Very excited to hear about any updates regarding the web streaming aspect, RTI asset management, etc. We are keen to see what forthcoming tools and methods might contribute to our project here at the Cologne Center for e-Humanities ("Magica Levantina") on lead, wax and selenite curse tablets -- so very much looking forward to your latest news. --Kathryn
  12. Hi leszekp, A belated reply to your 26 October post and just to say thanks for your response and that I think you were correct that university antivirus software was being over sensitive in thinking it had found a trojan. They were running McAfee, so if anyone get a similar reaction when attempting to install, as you say: "many of these programs use proprietary "heuristic" algorithms, where they rely on suspicious software "patterns" in addition to antivirus definitions". Interestingly, a few days later the warning stopped coming up of its own accord. Best - Kathryn
  13. My university IT people tell me that they will not be able to install RTIbuilder_v2_02 on my managed PC because the software has a virus. I do experience this odd thing where double clicking the RTIbuilder icon results in a virus alert which claims to have discovered a Trojan (Artemis!9032434733EF). Double the clicking RTIbuilder[Console] icon results in the normal launching of the software. Has anyone come across this this before? Thanks!
  14. Sorry to here about your trials and tribulations, but thanks for the chuckles, John! I will make to order the AIC Guide via Amazon. --Kathryn
  15. Hi Carla, I have received a response directly (my thanks to Taylor Bennet) and we will soon be comparing notes on Lightroom. I will report back if anything worth posting emerges. I do need to get my hands on "The AIC Guide to Digital Photography and Conservation Documentation, 2nd Edition", as Marlin has previously pointed out on the CHI Forums here. Cheers - Kathryn
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