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  1. Thanks Carla, I disabled Microsoft Security Essentials and installed Avast AV and that found no problems, so it does rather look like a false alarm Alan
  2. I have just tried to download the Builder program as I need to re-install it. I am running Windows 7 64bit using Microsoft Security Essentials and it is reporting that the Builder program has a trojan embedded, namely: 3awin32 2fdynamer!rfn Is this a false positive as Malwarebytes does not detect any problems regards Alan
  3. I thought I'd post this just in case somebody else encounters the same problem. I have been using the RTI Builder for over a year on my Windows 7 64bit PC with a i7 4.0GHz processor and 32 Gb RAM, with out any problems. A few days ago it refused to open so I did a re-install, to no avail. Then I downloaded a fresh copy from CHI, still no go. After a lot of strong coffee (and cursing) I finally tracked the problem down. I have been using ZoneAlarm as my firewall, and have been doing so for many years. One of my checks was to disable it and bingo, the Builder ran. I then played around with the permissions in the firewall setting but that made no difference. Eventually I noticed that a checkbox to enable the OS firewall had been checked and on unchecking it RTI Builder ran! (large celebratory whisky). I have never enabled the Windows firewall, due to it's poor reputation in earlier days, so I can only assume that either a Windows or ZoneAlarm (unlikely) update was the culprit. If this helps anybody else I shall feel that I've done my good deed for the day! Alan
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