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  1. cdschroer

    impossible to select files

    Please read this thread and see if it solves your problem: http://forums.culturalheritageimaging.org/topic/534-not-able-to-import-images/?tab=comments#comment-1692 Also note that you should post in the most relevant forum for your question - in this case, Processing RTI data. We'll move things to the FAQ if multiple people run into it. Carla
  2. Hello


    trying to upload a TIFF file on RTI Builder, I get the message "the j-peg export folders is missing in your project directory". Could you help me to transform this TIFF file in RTI?



  3. cdschroer

    PTM format documentation corrupted?

    The file on the HP site appears to be corrupted. I've uploaded a correct one to the FAQ forum post about file formats: Now both the RTI and PTM format specifications are available from this thread:
  4. The PTM format document on the HP website appears to be corrupted. I've uploaded it here. Note that you have to be logged in to the forums to access attached files. Carla PtmFormat12.pdf
  5. I'm guessing the issue is the size of the RTIs. You might be able to open them on a beefier computer. Though, in general we have successfully opened files made from a 50MP camera and full quality Jpegs on a machine with 16GB RAM. The RTiViewer will try to open large files, and may fail if it can't open them. Usually it fails without issuing an error - so I'm surprised by the internal filepath error. I haven't seen that before. Thanks Dave for jumping in on this one! Carla
  6. Musa - I replied to this in the DLNCC forum. Please post there if you have further questions. Carla
  7. cdschroer


    Musa - We use the database to help organize and keep track of the information you enter using the DLNCC tool. This also helps with reusing data you already entered. The installer installs the database, and when you run DLNCC it will be able to connect to the database using a default password. So, if the Postgres application is running, then DLNCC can connect to it and work properly. If when you try to start DLNCC it asks for a password for Postgres - then "cancel" and start Postgres yourself (by double clicking on the application) then run DLNCC again and it should work. In other words, Postgres has to be running before you try to run DLNCC. By default it will run every time you startup your computer. If you are actually trying to look at the database in Postgres, we do not advise that, as the design of the tables and their relationships was to be used only with the DLNCC tool, and DLNCC is designed to manage the data and export the data and relationships. You should not try working with the database directly, only through the DLNCC interface should you enter information. Carla
  8. Welcome to the forum for discussions about Nigerian Cultural Heritage preservation and documentation. We welcome discussions about any topics of interest for folks working in Nigeria, or interested in preserving Nigerian culture. If you have questions about Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) or photogrammetry - please use one of the other appropriate forums for those questions and discussions. Carla
  9. cdschroer

    Color correction for HSHfitter

    The PTMFitter is available - and I posted it in the FAQ forum pinned to the top, as well as in the thread where it came up. We have created a dropbox with the files: For HSHFitter - try using it as installed - and staying away from the advanced options. In other words Do NOT tick the box for advanced options. Carla
  10. cdschroer

    RTIBuilder 2.0.2 now available on CHI website

    The page with the workaround noted above is no longer available. I was able to install RTIBuilder 2.0.2 on MacOS Mojave with instructions from this page: https://techsviewer.com/allow-installation-of-apps-from-anywhere-in-macos-mojave/ They show multiple options, but the only one I was able to make work was to disable the "gatekeeper" which puts open apps from :"anywhere" back on your preferences window. Note that you can open RTIBuilder once, then change your setting back to just from identified developers, until you need to allow an app to open again. Other methods for overriding allow an app from an unknown developer, including from the Apple Manual did not work. The system detects that the app is "damaged" meaning that it was modified after it was signed. Note that there are many legacy apps where this is true, and they say that you can override it by using control click on the app and open, but that didn't work for me. I continued to get the damaged app message. However, disabling the gatekeeper (i.e. putting "allow apps from anywhere" in the security preferences did work. Carla
  11. cdschroer

    Unknown Error Detected

    Wow! You folks are having a very difficult time. I'm sorry to hear it. We mostly work on Macs in our studio - though we have worked with Windows machines in training classes, and we recently added one to our collection of computers. The computer you describe should be plenty powerful to build 50MP RTI files. We also have a 5DSR for more than 3 years, and build RTIs from those images on a regular basis. We know about HPLabs taking down the ptmfitter - and most of the PTM pages from their website. We've made the ptmfitter available in a dropbox - we posted that here to the FAQ forum: I can't really explain all the problems you are having. One thing to check is whether you have rotated all the images in the image set. If there is one that is portrait for example and the rest are landscape, that will cause problems with the fitters. If you are shooting images with the camera hanging down from a tripod - or from a camera stand, then it will sometimes "auto-rotate" the images into different orientations. We recommend turning off auto-rotate and then rotating the whole set of images at once, when needed. There is a discussion comparing HSH and PTM here - there are trade-offs: That's all I've got time for tonight. There are other posts about the JPEG library error on Windows in the forum - you can try searching for that. I wish I had a better answer for you, but I'm kind of scratching my head at this point. I'm hoping other folks will chime in. Carla
  12. cdschroer

    Unknown Error Detected

    Thanks Dave - good suggestions! I'll add that the xml file indicates the error is in ptmfitter: DATEF="" DATES="" LEVEL="WARNING" USER="">Fitter returned an error ! Error : -1</xc:event> We see that in the screenshot as well, that ptmfitter is not able to open the file. So, try building an RTI with the hshfitter and see if that works. You have plenty of memory on your computer, and we build files this size with a less beefy machine. However there have been some issues with large files with the ptmfitter on Windows that don't occur on Mac. Also, are you rotating the images before you put them in RTiBuilder? In other words, are the images landscape or portrait, and are they all the same? They really need to be all the same. Hope this helps. Carla
  13. cdschroer

    Unknown Error Detected

    Can you say more about the computer you are using and it's specs. For Example Mac book pro with 16GB RAM and MacOS 10.12.6 Also - you can look in the .xml log file that RTI Builder produces, which will sometimes give you a clue as to what is going on. In this case- from the screen shot it appears that RTiBuilder is successfully making all of your cropped files, and the failure happens within the PTMFitter. The fact that the PTMfitter can't open the file, might indicate a permissions problem. Where did you instal the ptmfitter? Are you able to build HSH based RTIs? the HSHfitter is included with RTIBuilder, so it should just work, without installing extra software. One other thing to try is to make smaller jpegs and see if it works - We regularly make RTIs of this size or larger, but we have fairly "beefy" machines with a lot of RAM (16GB - 128GB) Carla PS: If you don't know what the "fitters" are - you might want to check out the Glossary: http://culturalheritageimaging.org/What_We_Offer/Downloads/Capture/CHI-RTI-Glossary_v1.pdf
  14. cdschroer

    Basic hardware

    I think that John is interested in RTI - which doesn't require as beefy of a system as photogrammetry does. The good news for RTI is that it will work on a broad range of systems, though it will definitely be faster to process on a faster machine. Also, this somewhat depends on the resolution of the camera you will be using, and therefore the resolution of the finished RTIs. If you have 16GB of RAM you will be handle most RTI image sets and also load and view them in RTIViewer. I agree with Leszekp about the graphics card if doing photogrammetry, but not as critical for RTI. If you are doing a lot of photography with high resolution cameras (>25MP) then this will definitely help you. So bottom line is max out the RAM and CPU and graphics card for what you can afford. 16GB is an absolute minimum to work with high resolution images (including RTI) - and 32 if planning for photogrammetry. Pay attention to the the other components too, and not just RAM. Carla
  15. cdschroer

    PTMFitter software download link

    I rebuilt the zip file using a different tool. I tested it - and it seems to be working fine. The original version tried to put it back in my applications folder when I unzipped it. So, hopefully this will fix it - as it seems to work correctly. Carla