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  1. Hello, with our small UAV <5kg (incl. camera) we are planing to document an archaeological excavation site. The area is about 35 x 50m large. We use the photogrammetry software aspect3d (www.aspect3d.de) for computing the pictures. Right now we are in the testing phase and we realize that we need Ground Control Points for geo-referencing to achieve more accurate and faster results. Does anyone has experience working with GCP? How many GCP will we need for an area that size and how large should these be when flying about 15-20m high? Or the other way around: are there standard sizes for which we are to fly at a certain height? Where are these GCP available to buy (weatherproof) in the EU? Maybe there are free files existing on the net to print out our ourselves? We (two fellow students and I) have been photographing just with tripod so fare but no GCPs. The results were pretty astounding (with objects small and medium). But with an entire area how would we go about taking additional pictures from the ground additionally to the photos from the UAV? How many GCPs and which size would we then need from the ground? (Sorry for the long and probably naive questions but we are just getting started and we will have only a small window to do the flight and ground photos - so we are a bit desperate). Many thanks in advance!
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    Hello, regarding the hardware I forgot to ad where to find the minimum requirements for aspect3d Imagescan - to generate coloured pointclouds from photos - they are listed at the bottom of this page... http://aspect3d.arctron.de/en/technology/
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    I have bought two modules of aspect3d about two months ago - basic (obligatory) and imageScan for generating digital 3D models from photographs. I have put a lot of time into this subject for documenting historic stone sculptures. The main issues I had at the beginning were my photography skills. But after some practice with my camera beyond the auto-focus I started to get really nice results - high resolution, tight 3D models so I can have them reproduced later. Since I had no need of the other modules, the software was quite affordable (I might get the presentation module later for generating HD videos of my digital 3D models). The 2015 version of aspect3d is to be released soon and I was promissed to receive this latest version as a free upgrade as part of a promotion. It obviously should have many more features than the 2014 (although I am not sure I will use them since I have a relatively straight forward task). The company is stationed in Bavaria and they offer training (my friend uses this software at her university - that's how I got to know about it and she tutored me to get results quickly). Pro: The software is made up of different modules so you can buy only the modules you need and don't spend money on functions you do not need. Cons: When generating high resolution 3D modules you need a lot of PC power and disk space. If you don't have it you will also need to make a hardware investment (that's what I had to do).
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