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  1. Carla! Thanks so much! I just figured it out as you replied. For anyone who else has been experiencing this: Download the PTMfitter file anywhere and run RTIbuilder as PTM fitter with the black ball (if that's what you're using). You have to go through all of the steps until the end and when you have the path of the file, browse your computer for the PTMfitter and then click execute. The PTMbuilder will read: "Polynomial Texture Map (PTM) Fitter Copyright Hewlett-Packard Company 2001. All rights reserved. See included readme and license files." It is executing your file just give it a moment and soon enough you will have your .ptm! Thanks so much to Carla and hope this helps anyone else.
  2. Carla, Where exactly do I open the PTMfitter in RTI builder? At the prompt page when it asks me which type of PTM to make? I have it installed but I don't know what to do about executing it and installing it! Thanks
  3. Carla, Thank you so much, that was incredibly helpful. I followed the link to http://www.hpl.hp.com/research/ptm/downloads/download.html I downloaded the PTMfitter, but I'm not exactly sure what to do from there. I tried dragging the .exe into my fitters folder in the package contents but it's still asking for me to verify the path. Any ideas?
  4. Hi all, in the past I was having trouble with building any type of file, but eventually I was able to get the HSH fitter to work. The problem is, now I need the build a PTM file. I start up RTI builder and choose the HSH file .xml and am trying to convert it to PTM. This is what happens... 1. Open up RTI Builder 2. Choose "Open existing project" and choose my .xml file (My images are saved as .jpg not .JPG) 3. Prompts me "Use selected pipeline instead of the stored project pipeline?" I click yes. 4. Brings me to the page where all of the photos are being uploaded and my PTMfitter location is "/Applications/RTIbuilder-v2.0.2.app/Contents/Resources/Java/Fitters/PTMfitter/ptmfitter" 5. When I click execute it says "Verify your PTMfitter path!" Does anyone have any idea on what to do about this? My solution can't be to just use an HSH because I need the different filters on the PTM for my image. I'm running Mac OSx 10.9.4 and I've also tried doing this on my Windows 7. Same problems. Please someone help!! Best, Rachel
  5. The RTI file is about 215mb. I downloaded some of the PTM files off of the CHI website and they worked just fine in the RTI Viewer. There must be something wrong with the file I built. My PTM files keep asking me to verify the path so currently I can only work with building HSH based files.
  6. Carla, Thankfully I solved the issue with the HSH because I hadn't ever dragged the application into my Application folder. Therefore the path was not actually linked to the program itself. My PTM however, still doesn't work. Hope this helps anyone with a similar problem!
  7. Hello all, I recently was just able to build my first .rti. I cropped the images and am now trying to view the files in RTI Viewer, but rather than loading the images it loads just a plain black screen. No matter how much I zoom in and out the viewing window stays black. I am using a Mac OSX 10.9.2. Any ideas would be appreciated!
  8. Hello, I've tried building a project a couple of times now, getting completely to the final point where all I have left to do is push execute. I have been using the HSH format, and every time I try to complete my project, I get an error message, "Verify your HSH fitter path!". I have no spaces, that I can see, in any of the folders or image names. My images were once .JPG but I changed them all to .jpg and started the project anew afterwards. I am using this path /Applications/RTIbuilder-v2.0.2.app/Contents/Resources/Java/Fitters/HSHfitter/hshfitter and still nothing is executing. The black shiny ball I'm currently using is not great and so my highlights are pretty terrible, but it is a practice run until I get the right shiny ball. Would a lack of identifying a highlight in each photo cause this error? I will attach the .xml file in hopes that someone can help me. Thanks! Fake_scarab.xml
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