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  1. In many museums,using flash is not permitted because the light from flash will damage artifacts. If I use a fliter which could block most ultraviolet in front of the flash, could I say taking a group of RTI images should be accepted?
  2. Hi, Carla I’m so sorry. I wrote in Chinese just to hope to communicate with Jing more accurately. (not enough self-confidence about my English) There is no any infomations about SPAM or something offensive. Thank you for giving me a chance to correct my mistake. I wil post it in English. Rick Hi, Jing! Nice to meet you here. I could not see your image attachment. As an amateur, I am also interested in your question. I'm surprised there is so great and open source technology, for all those who assisted in this technology is very admirable. Glad to know from you that a few museums in China become interested in RTI capturing. I had introduced RTI to people around, but showed little reaction. But I still think this technology is a good thing, so I try to capture some normal small things for practicing. Go back to your concern application above, I feel down you can try. Edit #1 Must ensure that the two collections are relevant ,such as the same type, same age.And at least one is authentic. However, from a layman's point of view, I wish RTI more for recording and display, to narrow the distance between ordinary people and the different time remains through digitized form. Rick
  3. Rick - Carla the moderator here - this is an English language forum, and we request that you stick to English here. The reason is that we don't know what people are writing about when they write in a other language, and it could be SPAM or something offensive. Since you have been involved in other discussions on these forums, I don't want to just delete this. Please consider re-posting in English. 同学,你的图挂了!很高兴在这里遇到国人,也很想听听欧美国家怎么看这个问题? 我不是文博专业的,可能连业余也谈不上,算是个爱好者吧!我很吃惊有这项了不起且开源的技术,对所有助力于此技术的人士很钦佩。通过搜索也不见国内有利用这技术的案例报道,很高兴今天从你这了解到开始有博物馆尝试使用了。 我曾向身边人介绍了过RTI,但反应平淡。一个学油画的朋友说他们看重整体感觉不是很重视具体的一笔一触;另一个收藏爱好者说他们这个圈子主要是看实物。但是我还是觉得这技术是好东西,所以自己尝试拍了些小东西,算是练手。 回到你关心的鉴伪应用上来,我觉得倒可以试试,不怕不识货就怕货比货嘛。 不过,从一个外行的角度,我倒希望RTI更多地用于记录和展示,通过数字化的形式拉近普通人与不同时空的遗存的距离。
  4. Hi Taylor, thanks for your detailed reply! I just read "RTI_Hlt_Capture_Guide_v2_0". I should move on!
  5. Could someone tell me the reason why I need mounting two spheres? I find the software just use one sphere. Thanks in advance!
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