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    Problem with .JPEG files, but not .jpeg files.....

    Hi Carla, Thanks for your reply! I understand the RAW processing workflow and the benefits of it (it's very regular/daily with my work), however at the moment we are utilizing this technique in the field and we are essentially trying to "sell" this type of documentation to researchers and archaeologists who are unaware of it (which will be very beneficial for the material they work with and study).....so during this (very hectic) field season, a finished product is needed for supervisors, directors, and visiting donors/VIPs as soon as possible. We shoot images in RAW and jpeg, so that we can go back and fully process our photos when time is available....we simply just don't have the time during the field season for photo processing for the RTIs (we don't even get to process our regular photo documentation yet!). Thank you for clarifying the bug in the ptmfitter software! ~Heather
  2. Hi there! I was wondering if anyone else has run into the problem when trying to process .JPEG files in RTIBuilder...? I get an error at the end, that capitol jpeg files (.JPEG) are an unknown file type. My camera (or camera card (I don't know which device controls it) only takes .JPEG files, so I've been having to process RAW images through Photoshop into lower case jpegs (.jpeg). I would really like to not have to do this step, as it's very time consuming and I have to use a different computer! Thanks in advance for your input, ~Heather
  3. Heather.White

    Error Dump

    I got it to work with the PTMFitter! Thank you so much for your help, Carla! ~Heather
  4. Heather.White

    Error Dump

    Hi Carla, The only thing I'm seeing are two error messages I listed, which pop up once the software gets through cropping all of my images. I'll try making the PTM though.....Yes Window! I'm running Windows 8. Thanks, ~Heather
  5. Heather.White

    Error Dump

    Hi there, I'm running the RTI Builder software for the first time, using the provided "fish fossil" sample jpgs from the site. I've gone through the whole process, but once it finishes cropping all my images I get an error message: Error while trying to execute HSHFitter Error dump: Cannot run program "C:\Users\Heather\Documents\RTI\RTI_software\EXAMPLES\testProject_fish_fossil-data-set_2000\testProject_Fish_fossil.xml" :CreateProcess error=193,%1 is not a valid Win32 application There are no spaces anywhere. Can anyone advise me? Thank you! ~Heather