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  1. I've been using RTI builder for three years, with minor adjustments here and there for Java updates, etc. However, recently in the middle of a crop build, RTI builder declared 'Fitting Complete' even though only 39 of 76 images had been cropped. When I tried it on another set of images, it hadn't begun cropping the first image before it said that fitting was complete. I've since tried everything I can think of (changing file locations, turning computer off and on, reloading images, etc), with no success. Now, if I load a fresh set of images, when it reaches the third screen it will not display the thumbnail - only a black box. The autofill file name is not linked to the given .xml file name (for example, I named a file BK92_o, and the displayed autofill .ptm name is null_0.ptm). I previously had problems with java script updating, so I made sure it wasn't anything like that - to my knowledge nothing has changed on my pc since this error has been introduced. Has anyone had anything like this, and if so, what was the remedy?
  2. Thank you for the quick reply Carla, I tried fitting using HSH and yes, it has removed the green and enhanced the shininess. The reduced rendering modes aren't such a problem for us at this stage but I will be interested to see whether diffuse gain and multilight modes can be introduced for .rti files in a future version of RTIViewer. Keep up the great work! Erin
  3. Dear All, I'm hoping you can help me with a query. I am currently involved in a project creating .ptm files of seal stones. Quite a number of these seals are made from carnelian and other semi-translucent minerals. We have noticed that red-orange, translucent stones result in a green tinge or green patches and decreased translucency once we build the RTI file. The green tinges are not present in the stone or in the original image captures, and in the original images the stones appear quite translucent. I've attached here an RTI screen-shot and an original capture to illustrate. While the green tinge does not prevent us from studying the engraving, it does make the stone look very different to the original, which we would like to avoid. Do you know whether any other researchers have experienced a similar problem, and if so, how they resolved it? Many thanks, Erin
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