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  1. First, I apologize if this is not posted in the right place. I have been doing a lot of RTI work focusing on ancient inscriptions and everyone with whom I work--though impressed with the results of RTI--wants to be able to create a transcription that is layered on the RTI viewer. For them, it wasn't enough to take a snap shot in photoshop to work off of; they wanted to be able to create a transcription while manipulating the viewer. At last, I have found something that doesn't solve all problems, but it is a good start until a RTI viewer-Photoshop software comes out. The name of it is Ink2Go. Essentially, it lets you draw on your screen and switch back to interacting with your computer programs quite seamlessly. One can save snap shots and even record the annotations (I haven't found a use for the latter, but perhaps someone will). I have posted two sample pictures of what it can do (NB: it is an imperfect transcription). This may not be of use in many fields (perhaps not in any other fields) but it is definitely great for epigraphy. It is not a free download, but I have found that it is worth the money. Please place in a different folder/topic or remove completely if not fitting with the forum. Ben Altshuler
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