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  1. I am having the same problem, not being able to export images.I created a new project, and trying to import my folder of jpeg-exports. I have no spaces between the words in the file names and I when I go to choose the folder I get the message" The j-peg exports folder is missing in your project directory" ? why am I getting this message,Thank You? working on a MAC Today I got it working !! Stored image folder on Mac's Hard drive instead of an external hard drive.
  2. I did my first RTI image of a Rembrandt painting and noticed a hint of green in the LRGB file; but when changed it to RGB- the color was more accurate; is it better to use RGB when doing most paintings?
  3. I have just started doing the RTI photography;and am not sure if I am color balancing the images right. I shot two images one at the lowest light position and one from the highest. I then open the images up in bridge and checked the N8 patch to see if it is 200.The one image was-but not the other- ;so do I just use the first adjustment on all the images for color balance? Also some of the darks and highlights are clipped in the whole set of images.Can I adjust for just the highlights being blown out first in Tone Curves -and then synchronizing the rest of the images-and then adjust for the darks being clipped (so the Shadow and Highlight clipping warning triangles in Bridge Raw go black)-and synchronize all the images the same?
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