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  1. "After you've generated the mesh using the highest quality settings your computer's memory will allow" Hi Taylor, Thanks for the link and your thoughts about this. I am still struggling with building meshes in that I often get the message that my computer has run out of system memory and Photoscan is paused. I don't have other programs running and it's a beefy mac pro tower I'm working with. SO frustrating to try to figure out just how high I can go before the system fails. I'll leave it for an hour with everything looking like it's going well only to return to find the system stalled out. Photoscan won't ever continue once it's at that point and I need to force quit photoscan in order to start again with lower settings for the mesh. I'll let you know how this works... I'm currently running it again now. Rich
  2. I've been following CHI's Diego Rivera Mural project and found myself in a situation trying to photograph a wall drawing 37'+ feet long. I captured images for Photogrammetry while I was at it and am wondering if anyone has experience with the upper end of Orthophoto exporting at a much higher image resolution. Do you just enter your desired pixel width when creating the Texture? That dialog box seems to match the output file I am getting and I'm going to try to push that up to a much higher image resolution if I can. Thanks for any tips. Rich House Senior Photographer Yale University Art Gallery richard.house@yale.edu artgallery.yale.edu
  3. Looks like this became available today... http://rtimobile.tumblr.com/ Richard House Senior Photographer Yale University Art Gallery richard.house@yale.edu
  4. Hi Taylor, Thanks for your response. I have been lucky in finding that the software has been able to align all of my photos without manually adding markers to assist. I'm still working out some kinks in my understanding of the processing details but I had thought that the "change the Ground Control setting for tie point accuracy from 4 to 1" step was supposed to be "4 to .1"- It's good to get that correction. On to more testing... Thanks again! Rich
  5. Hi All, I hope some folks that took part in the recent Photogrammetry workshop might see this and can help clarify a couple of questions I have with PhotoScanPro. 1- PhotoScanPro processing- Ground Control Settings> Is it recommended to change the tie point accuracy setting from the default of 4 to .1 immediately after loading the photos? If not, at what point? 2- Is there a correlation between assigning more tie points manually in more photos that results in a corresponding shorter processing time? This is something I seem to observe happening and was wondering if this is a reason to mark every photo with a visible target before building a dense point cloud? Thanks to anyone who can assist me with these. Best, Rich House Senior Photographer Yale University Art Gallery richard.house@yale.edu artgallery.yale.edu
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