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  1. leszekp

    Difficulty launching RTI Builder

    I had the same issue with Windows Defender on one of my computers. You'll need to set an exception/exclusion for this file: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4028485/windows-10-add-an-exclusion-to-windows-defender-antivirus
  2. I've been using a Yuneec Typhoon H hexacopter (12 MP fixed focus camera) for recording archaeological sites, and have gotten excellent results. I expect that the Inspire 2 would do at least as well, if not better. For high accuracy, you will need to have ground control points measured with high accuracy (Total station, RTKGPS, or equivalent).
  3. leszekp

    Coin imaging

    Take a photograph of the sphere,and load it into Photoshop. Use the Ruler tool to measure the diameter in pixels (you may need to right-click on the ruler and select "Pixels" as the scale).
  4. leszekp

    Outdoor Photogrammetry: Issues and Questions

    You might try shooting at a slightly higher ISO (up to 400); you'll get faster shutter speeds to reduce the blur, and the added noise is likely to be small. You might also try processing the dense cloud at UltraHigh to get better resolution for your models. Using a camera pole can get you higher camera elevations, for more angles. With a faster shutter, you can try holding the camera pole obliquely to get good angles above the scene without disturbing the area.
  5. Got an email today from Ashira at the Met. Videos of the presentations from last March's RTI symposium are now online. https://www.metmuseum.org/about-the-met/conservation-and-scientific-research/projects/rti-symposium
  6. leszekp

    Problems processing PTM vs HSH?

    This is the kind of error that pops up if the proper input variables have not been passed to the PTMfitter program. You might try running RTIBuilder as an admin (right-click on the program icon, and choose Run as Administrator); this has fixed similar problems for me.
  7. leszekp

    Bogus virus warning

    Idiotically, you can't set exclusions in Defender.
  8. leszekp

    Bogus virus warning

    I have Windows Defender as my antivirus on my laptop, and today it decided that RTIBuilder is a dangerous virus and deleted it from my computer. Heuristic virus diagnoses are very annoying. If you have Windows Defender, be on the lookout for this. Main computer has BitDefender, which has no problem with RTIBuilder; will probably disable Windows Defender and install BitDefender to resolve this problem.
  9. leszekp

    Unsuccessful download for RTIBuilder Win32

    Do you have Java installed on your system? RTIBuilder needs Java to run.
  10. leszekp

    Not able to import images.

    That used to be the case, but the Desktop is no longer in "Documents and Settings"; it's now in Users\<yourusername>\Desktop.
  11. leszekp

    Not able to import images.

    Underscore shouldn't be a problem.
  12. leszekp

    Not able to import images.

    Couple of quick suggestions: 1. Make sure there are no spaces in your file paths. 2. Make sure the pictures have a lower-case "jpg" extension, not "JPG"
  13. leszekp

    Dome vs. Highlight Image Processing

    Take a look at this site for answers and ideas: https://hackaday.io/project/11951-affordable-reflectance-transformation-imaging-dome And these three blog posts on building a dome using the plans from the site above: http://labs.dash.umn.edu/aisos/an-introduction-to-automated-rti/ http://labs.dash.umn.edu/aisos/building-an-automated-rti-dome/ http://labs.dash.umn.edu/aisos/building-an-automatic-rti-dome-wrapping-it-up/
  14. leszekp

    Color correction question

    Thanks, Carla. Will stick to regular color correction (custom white balance and color checker card) if necessary.
  15. I haven't been using the color correction option for the hshfitter, since it's not that critical for my main interest (lithic tools). Thought I'd give it a try - checked the Advanced Options box, selected a gray card image (jpg), and tried processing an RTI data set. I got the following error message: "Number of files found given prefix : 48 Light positions on file (0) does not match the number of files for viewpoint (48) Problem while reading command line arguments" If I process with Advanced Options unchecked, it works fine. This is on a Windows 10 system, lots of RAM and processing power. I tried using color correction with hshfitter directly in the command line, but that was unsuccessful as well. In the latter case, I probably wasn't structuring the command correctly - the syntax and examples you get when you type "hshfitter" on the command line were difficult for me to understand, and I couldn't find any other documentation.