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    Next to the Pond, Sligo, Ireland.
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    Beer, tea, the young lady with the black hair and green eyes down the lane...

About Me

Materials Scientist.

Moved to Sligo, Ireland, from UK 20-years ago. Live at the end of a leprechaun-infested lane, about 1/4 mile from the Pond - next stop USA.

Principal of Consultancy offering technical services to anyone with the ability to pay our exhorbitant fees.

So far avoided marriage.

No children (that I know of).

One dog 'Prodger' (mad English Springer Spaniel - collects mail from the postman and barks at the moon).

One cat 'Isis' (lab supervisor - purrs her approval, especially at chicken sandwiches, and goes to sleep on the bench).

Sustained by copious quantities of strong (English) ale, tea, and indignation.

Don't like Guinness or women with red hair. Especially averse to women with red hair who drink Guinness.

Frequently accused of having a droll sense of humour (I blame my father - a professional pessimist, who looked for a coffin whenever he saw flowers).

Resolutely politically incorrect.


Please feel free to make up the rest...

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