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  1. If you are still looking for the lens, I'd suggest either the Nikkor 105 micro, or the Nikkor 200 micro. As Carla said, you need to base the lens choice on the camera to subject distance, and fingerprints are generally no longer than an inch square. A 60 or 70mm lens is going to place the camera too close to take advantage of all the lights from your dome; or it will cause you to place your camera farther away and you will not fill the frame with the print. I am curious to know more about your set-up and what you are photographing. I am a forensic photographer, and those in my field use RTI for fingerprint imaging (as well as footwear, tire impression, tool marks, etc.).
  2. Congratulations on the expansion into photogrammetry! This is another field in which forensics users have a common interest with you in areas from accident reconstruction, to measuring the heights of suspects in security videos, to calculating measurements that weren't recorded at crime scenes. I received an e-mail that you will be teaching photogrammetry workshops. Is there a specific software that you will be using? If not, are there specific functions, formats, capabilities that one should look for in software to be compatible with the methods that you will be teaching? Thanks - and congratulations again on this additional area in your work!! George
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