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  1. Carla, Quick update. Just attempted to process an RTI with a separate data set on a different Apple computer running 10.6.8 with 2.4 GHz Intel Core Duo. Same result. Hoping to try on a PC very soon. Joseph
  2. Carla, I did a complete reinstall of RTI Builder in the hopes that this might solve the issue but it did not. I am now going back to an earlier version of the builder to try and assemble one as a test. Please let me know when you hear anything. Thank you in advance, Joseph
  3. Carla, The pathways actually look fine for processing. Nothing in the LP file but the .xml is showing a few Level="WARNING USER=" but the final one says 255 or more specifically: "LEVEL="WARNING" USER="">Fitter returned an error ! Error : 255</" Any ideas here? Let me know if you want me to send you the LP and XML files. Thank you in advance. Joseph
  4. Carla, I'm getting this error now and it has stymied my workflow on a pretty big project. I'm trying to identify if there is a pathway issue involving spaces that is causing the error. Strange thing is that I had an error, then was able to build an RTI successfully and now have had three errors since that success. Nothing has changed that I am aware of in my file structure or labeling. I'm running OSX10.7.5 on an Intel 2.66GHZ Core Duo with 8GB of Ram and I'm using full frame D800 JPG files. These guys are monsters at high resolution so I'm wondering if file size might be an impediment? Just a thought. One thing that I'm concerned may be causing an issue concerns file pathway and spacing. My hard drive is called (generically enough) Macintosh HD and there is a space there. Could that be the issue? Any thoughts are appreciated. I'm going to try the files on my base station to see if I get a different result. Thanks in advance, Joseph Gamble
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