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  1. The problem I am having is with building my RTI via HSH. It worked fine when the client was on set watching us do this specialized technique on a cast of a Rune Stone with carvings so she can see the results. Now that the client is not involved in my post-production, I am having problems processing the file. The version on the studio computer was downloaded from your website (ver 2.0.2). This version was working fine on set with the original raw files/jpeg export files without any corrections, rotations, metadata applied. In Adobe Bridge, images were rotated to the correct view for the client, renamed and metadata was applied. In Adobe Camera Raw, everything was zeroed out, color balance was corrected via Gretag Color Checker and lens correction was applied (Canon 50mm macro lens was used). I downloaded another version to my post production computer to do the final RTI building, with crops. The file names have underscores, no spaces. (Rune_Stone_Front_01.jpg). I get the error message after RTI processes all the files. Everything is ok up to the final execute. Jim Smithsonian Washington, DC
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