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    I'm trying to get an RTI setup going on a tight budget. I'm looking for a tripod that's threaded on the bottom of the center column so that I can mount the head down below as shown in the capture guide. I'm not sure what that feature is usually called, so it's been hard to Google. The ones I've found have been either very high-end or very low-end. I'm looking for something inexpensive and reliable. Does anyone have any suggestions? Or can anyone give me tips on how to shop for a tripod and ensure that I have this crucial feature?
  2. Marlin -- I've noted that f8-f11 is the sweet spot. Logically, though, it seems to me that you'd want as tiny an aperture as you can get to minimize focus problems (maximize depth of field). What, in your experience, is the problem with using ƒ32, for example? --Mike Jennings --BAACG
  3. I like the Sofortbild software, and the focusing isn't an issue for me as we are doing RTI and the focus doesn't change from shot to shot. Though I guess it would be nice to ensure optimum focus during setup, I don't mind doing it manually.
  4. Where is the best place to post feature requests for the forum itself? For example, I'd like a discussion added for equipment -- not just cameras but tripods, accessories, The Kit, and so on.
  5. Thanks for posting this code. I'll try to adapt it with our next project and see how it goes.
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