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  1. I attended the RTI seminar in Indianapolis in September. Our marketing dept. is writing an article on my experience, & there is a quote Marlin used in the introductory segment I'd like to use. It was describing the RTI process as something like, "Simple concept, complicated procedure". Unfortunately, I didn't write it down. Does anyone have this quote? tia. david
  2. I'm putting together a presentation for next week, & wanted to use a graphic I remember from the seminar. It consisted of CHI's logo & various other cultural institutions' logos. I thought this would show a good representation of the types of organizations using RTI. I can't seem to find it in either the documents provided at the seminar or on CHI's website. Any help would be appreciated. david
  3. Carla, Yep, there was a space in the folder name--thought I had all the gaps filled, but missed one. I got the RTI file to build correctly. Thanks. david
  4. Windows 7 I got to the "Execute" step in creating a HSH RTI, all 48 files showed as cropping, & then I get this message, & the process stops. Any thoughts? david
  5. Using NKRemote on a Nikon D800: the remote is controlling the camera, but the files aren't being saved to the CF card. Is this a setting in NKRemote, or a setting on my camera? Any idea what setting I might be looking for? tia. david
  6. Thanks guys. Our new laptop for RTI is coming, but I wanted to try some tests while I'm waiting. There's no computer in our studio anymore, so I was looking for some way to trigger the camera. I'll just have to be patient & wait for the new laptop--we've got everything else in place, ready to go. david
  7. Marlin had showed us a set-up where there was no computer to control the camera. I forgot to ask how they triggered the camera. Our Nikon D800 has no cable release (In fact I haven't seen a cable release on a camera for years). How do you operate the camera without touching it> Thanks for any info. david ***PS-(marlin here, I'm inserting the image that David is talking about).
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