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    Summation quote of RTI process

  2. davidturk

    Summation quote of RTI process

    I attended the RTI seminar in Indianapolis in September. Our marketing dept. is writing an article on my experience, & there is a quote Marlin used in the introductory segment I'd like to use. It was describing the RTI process as something like, "Simple concept, complicated procedure". Unfortunately, I didn't write it down. Does anyone have this quote? tia. david
  3. I'm putting together a presentation for next week, & wanted to use a graphic I remember from the seminar. It consisted of CHI's logo & various other cultural institutions' logos. I thought this would show a good representation of the types of organizations using RTI. I can't seem to find it in either the documents provided at the seminar or on CHI's website. Any help would be appreciated. david
  4. davidturk

    Improper call to JPEG library in state 200

    Carla, Yep, there was a space in the folder name--thought I had all the gaps filled, but missed one. I got the RTI file to build correctly. Thanks. david
  5. Windows 7 I got to the "Execute" step in creating a HSH RTI, all 48 files showed as cropping, & then I get this message, & the process stops. Any thoughts? david
  6. Thanks Carla. I'll just save to the computer. david
  7. Using NKRemote on a Nikon D800: the remote is controlling the camera, but the files aren't being saved to the CF card. Is this a setting in NKRemote, or a setting on my camera? Any idea what setting I might be looking for? tia. david
  8. Thanks guys. Our new laptop for RTI is coming, but I wanted to try some tests while I'm waiting. There's no computer in our studio anymore, so I was looking for some way to trigger the camera. I'll just have to be patient & wait for the new laptop--we've got everything else in place, ready to go. david
  9. Marlin had showed us a set-up where there was no computer to control the camera. I forgot to ask how they triggered the camera. Our Nikon D800 has no cable release (In fact I haven't seen a cable release on a camera for years). How do you operate the camera without touching it> Thanks for any info. david ***PS-(marlin here, I'm inserting the image that David is talking about).