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  1. Hello, Please feel free to release the DLN:CC full release once available, and looking forward to test the added features. Thanks and Regards, Thierry Fremaux
  2. Dear Mark, Thank you for well thought valuable reply, I found out you are actually the CHI’s president and co-founder, so a genuine answer indeed ! Your kind offer to discuss collaborations has been broadcast here, and we do hope that the proposal for the expanded DLN distributed enterprise features shall be funded. Thierry F.
  3. Dear Developers, The DIGIT department from the Royal Library of Belgium (www.kbr.be/en) is interested to make use in a sustainable way of the software DLN:CaptureContext v.1 Beta. Nevertheless, DIGIT dept. has two requirements for the metadata stored in the PostgreSQL DB cpt_db : • Does DLN:CC support to work with a DB cpt_db hosted on a PostgreSQL server, rather than locally ? If so, is there a way to do so (DB client / server relationship on a local network) ? • Does DLN:CC support to read & write on a common DB shared among several DLN:CC workstations (multi-clients with one shared DB hosted on a PostgreSQL server) ? Does the Cultural Heritage Imaging intend to offer those features for a forthcoming stable release ? Thanks and regards for your dedicated work, Thierry F.
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