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  1. hello i'm a drafter and i work as a freelance (since 1 week) some of my competitors have scanner(s) to create cloudpoints for revamping some workshops/factories as i have only few money yet, i can't buy a scanner (25-30k€) so i thought photogrammetry could be a solution. last year during the lockdown i did few tests on a parking area, outdoor, and i works not so bad (i used metashape)... these were my first shots. this week i tried to do the same exercice indoor and the result is definetly poorer! well my camera is a old one (Nikon D80) but it's not a bad reflex with a quite good lense... not sure that i can have result usable, with enough precision to be able to work with for my job if anyone have any feedback about photogrammetry for that kind of use, you're welcome!! :) Phil
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