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  1. Hi CHI, I hope you all have been fairing well. This is Chase Van Tilburg from Florida State University. We worked together in a workshop that you conducted for us back in Fall 2018. Now in the second year of my MA, I am working on a big project with the Carter Collection at FSU and am trying to manage my metadata. It is just me working on this project, so inputting information item by item takes quite a lot of time that I would rather spend scanning and processing. Essentially, what I want to do/want to know is: can I import an XML version of our equipment log directly into DLNCC? That way I can avoid needing to input the data manually. We have procured numerous equipment. I attempted to import the xml file, and DLNCC said the import was successful, however I have no idea where that information was stored or how to find it. Also another question I have, is it possible to reset all of the record ID's to start numbering from one? I deleted the stock data that comes with the program and added some of my own, but my record IDs did not start back at one. Thank you for any assistance that you can provide! All the best, Chase VT
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