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  1. I'm really new to photogrammetry, i mean I have newer used it, so forgive me for a newbie question. I've been using 3d scanners for almost 2 years and it is good for geometry and it was enough for a long time. But now I've changed my job to digitize statues and other art. The scanners I use (It's a combination of Artec Eva and Artec Spider if this makes sense) do capture textures but their quality in far not enough for digitizing art. I know, that photogrammetry can provide very good textures so it might be a solution. My idea is to use 3d scanning for geometry and photogrammetry for textures. Are there any good software which can do such task? Or the common process is to bake textures from photogrammetry model to scan in traditional modeling or texturing software? I'm not sure that photogrammetry geometry will accurate enough for baking... The other question is recommendations for the camera, and additional equipment. I can afford expensive devices if it will really worth it. Haha, after price we have paid for the scanners it would be strange to try to safe a bit of money on other equipment. Thank for the help in advance.
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