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  1. Thank you Dave! I've already tried using the Fish Fossil files provided by CHI and it works fine with that (also the visualization with the rti-reader). When I try with my images it doesn't work: with the "manually changed" .jpg to .jpeg the open folder button crash (glitch, meaning it doesn't work; it doesn't upload the images). With the initial .jpg files I use (I do not work with .raw, and that should be another question, but not now..) the folder charge, than ball detection, highlight detection, than also cropping but it stops during executing, showing me that unknown error (unknow file format: .JPG, in the right side of the window). When using .jpg files, it load my images, ball detection, highlight detection, executing, it stop with the error, but it creates the assembly folder (with inside two .lp files and three .jpg files), it also create a .xml file in my folder. So I can't understand why this happens. 1- I've never succesful created a ptm, (only the fish fossil with the files already provided) 2- I'm running Windows 10 Home (x64), with 8gb Ram and a i5 processor. 3- The size of my pictures is 4608x3072 (rti-builder final step) but I also tried resing it to 3000x2000. What do you mean for "source"? Thanks Alessandro
  2. Hey! I have problems during the execution of the builder with the PTM Fitter. It start cropping images but at the end appears the "unknow error" message, and in the upper right of the windows the message is "unlnow file format: .JPG". I've tried changing the extensions in .jpg (downsizing) and in .jpeg (maybe the program can only read .jpeg..), but nothing change. Every time I've made I change I started a new project, just to be sure I did not commit any error. With the HSH Fitter everything is okay! P.s. When I tried upload the folder with the "jpeg-exports" the builder do not start uploading images and he glitch the hourglass. I had to brutally close the program. I tried many times many combinations but nothing.
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