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  1. EmelineH

    Not able to import images.

    Dear Dave, Thank you for your advices. I reinstalled Java, as you suggest. I had downloaded it six days ago, but apparently it was not the latest version (it was however provided by my university, I thought it would be alright), because now, the program is working! I could open the fish folder, and even my own folder. Thank you so much, Best regards, Emeline
  2. EmelineH

    Not able to import images.

    Dear Dave, Thank you for your advices. You are right, it is better to go back to the beginning. I did try everything that you described (twice, to be sure), but it seems that the program refuses to go further than the [open folder]. I can choose the right fish folder, but nothing happens next. My mouse turns in blue circle, without anything moving. I even suppressed the RTIBuilder program from my computer, to install it anew, but even that does not make it work. I really don't know what could be the problem... Thank you, Best regards, Emeline
  3. EmelineH

    Not able to import images.

    Hello, Thank you for the advice. I changed manually the extensions, but it still refuses to work. Emeline
  4. EmelineH

    Not able to import images.

    Dear Dave, Thank you for your answer. No, I didn't try to open the jpeg-exports folder, but as you indicate it, the MR390_Vertumne_attache folder. I tried again the fish folder provided by the CHI, but nothing is happening. Thank you, Emeline
  5. EmelineH

    Not able to import images.

    Hello ! It seems that I do have the same problem as depicted in this page. It is the first time I use RTIBuilder. I try to import my .jpg photos in RTIBuilder, but nothing happens after I chose the folder on my computer. I have checked the names of all the folders, and there are no spaces in them. I tried to put my folder on different places on my computer, but nothing works. I also tried to open the files provided by CHI (the fish), but nothing is working. My cursor is turning in blue for more than 50 minutes with no effects. I do have administrator rights on the folder and images. My images are stored in: C:\Users\Emeline\Desktop\RTI\MR_390_Vertumne\MR390_Vertumne_attache\jpeg-exports I had some problems in the beginning to open the RTIBuilder, because my antivirus (Norton) saw some virus in it. The program is opening now, but nothing is working… Do you have any idea, please? Thank you, Best regards, Emeline