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  1. I realize this topic is relatively old, but I am running into the same issue however the RTI Builder was successfully moved to my Applications. I also tried running the software with the example files and the HSH fitter still would not verify. I am a student and do not have the authority to download the PTM Fitter onto the Mac, neither does my advisor. I'm in a real bind here and would love any suggestions.
  2. Thank you Dave, this information is extremely helpful.
  3. Hello all, My team and I are fairly new to the RTI process. The artifacts are in the Mediterranean while our processing systems are in the US. My question is, which would be better/easier/cost efficient, uploading the photos to the cloud in a location with unreliable wifi connection and processing on the systems in the US, or getting a laptop with the software and processing onsite? If there are other better options people have found, please let me know. We want processing to run as efficiently as possible. Any thoughts?
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