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  1. Does anyone on the forum have any experience in using HDR images in photogrammetry. It sounds like it should help in the alignment process. Alternatively does anyone know if increasing the contrast in an image set also improves the alignment. If so, could I not use the increased contrast images to align the photos and then build the texture with the unadjusted ones?
  2. Many thanks for the replies. It's very much appreciated and helped me sort out a few work flow glitches.
  3. Hope this is an appropriate forum. Apologies if it isn’t. I have been looking at the videos on capturing objects on turntables and your workflow is to add the scale bars in a separate set of images. My question is how are these images treated. Are the aligned separately then the two chunks aligned or are all the photos aligned together. If that is the case doesn’t the addition of the scale bars cause confusion in the software? Many thanks in advance Paul
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