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  1. I'm about to commit to either Pix4D, PhotoScan, or PhotoModeler to support a new direction in my work; and i like all three??? I'm using UAVs and piloted aircraft to capture multi-camera images of outdoor natural scenes (including structures) over large areas, intermediate size areas, and long narrow corridors. I am wary of the Structure-from-Motion systematic doming/dishing (elevation) error which I have experienced first hand with both Pix4D and PhotoModeler when using traditional (linear/parallel) flight lines. I would greatly prefer the automated camera calibration capabilities of any software which I might decide on. Also, I'm a big fan of ground control points. To gain a more diverse view perspective and to avoid the SfM doming/dishing error, I am switching to gently curved, convergent, non-traditional (non-linear/non-parallel) flight lines. If you visit my website (http://www.immersivegeomaticssolutions.com) you can see examples of the curved flight lines I'm about to start flying. I would load them here; but the file sizes are too large. Would someone venture to recommend a software at this point?
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