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  1. Dear Carla and Dave, Thank you both sooo much!!!! All of the images are the same, we have the newest version of Java, we deinstalled the RTI software and then installed it again, by the way, the PTM fitter from HP labs is not available anymore, so we couldn’t make a new download and had to use the one we already had on our computer, then we restarted the computers before the processing: We tried the same images on three different computers (all Windows) and we got three different results: 1. We got “Fitting completed” but there was no file… 2. The cropping started but we got the “unable to open file” on image number 33 of 40. 3. The cropping started with the error “unable to open file” on image number 2 of 40. To point 2 is to add: We tried the process with the 32 images, and on the same computer one time it worked and one time it didn’t work. (but we need all images) During the process we get the folders: - assembly files: blend 1, cropped.lp, edge0.jpg, median0-jpg, originalset.lp - cropped files: empty - finished files: empty When we try the HSH fitter we get a “Jpeg Library Error”. We explain you the process how we get our jpgs: - We take our pictures with a CANON 5D SR in RAW. - Then we make corrections on the raw-files (make them brighter, darker, change white-balance, etc.) and we rotate the raw-files, if necessary, and convert them into tiffs. - Finally we convert the tiff-files into jpg-files with ACDSee Professional 2019. For testing we used different jpg-quality options between 69% and 100%, image size between 6,5 MB to 35 MB. With this process we got perfect results some weeks and months ago, but now most of the time it doesn’t work. – It works with really small jpgs – but we cannot use the small images, it has to work with the original ones. The original image have the size of 8688x5792 pixel. Now we made several tests with different sizes and amounts of images: Our last test with smaller jpgs (5000x3333 Pixel) worked! This are the same images as before, we just made them smaller with ACDSee Professional 2019. The very last test with 6000x4000 pixel jpgs – it didn’t work!! The example we sent you before – “000361.jpg”: We made the images smaller to the size of 5000x3333 pixels and it worked (40 images). Before we opened the existing project we just put the "new" images into the existing jpeg-exports folder with 6000x4000px – it worked! Then we tried it with bigger images, also with the existing project: 7000x4667px – it worked! (same process) Finally we tried it with the original size: 8688x5792 – it worked! During this test series we always opened the existing project – we didn’t start a new project – and it worked. Days ago when we tried it with the original size images with a new project it didn’t work; also today???? With a new project and with the high resolution images we get “unknown error detected – unable to open file”. Is there any logic for you?? Is this the result of not enough RAM? We photograph inscriptions on paper – we need to rotate them in the correct direction for reading – if this is a problem, is it possible to rotate a finished ptm-file? Do all these problems just occur on Windows computers? Is it really necessary that no other programs (for example Photoshop) are open in the background? That it’s advised that no other program runs during processing the RTI file? Additional information of our computer: Graphic card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 What kind of fitter – HSH or PTM – is better? With which one can you get better results? Do you have more ideas? Thank you!!!! Niki and Judith
  2. dear carla, thanx a lot!!! HP Z440 workstation Intel (R) Xeon (R) CPU E5-1620 v4 @ 3,50 GHz 3.50 GHz 48,0 GB Ram 64 Bit System x64 based Processor harddisc space more than 1 TB the PTMfitter is in that directory: C:\RTIbuilder_v2_0_2\PTMFitter cropping is not started... no outher programms are running during processing RTI data attached our last xml file. what can we do? all the best yours niki and judith 003_010.xml
  3. dear all, WE NEED HELP!!! our RTI builder does not always work with high-resolution jpgs... In 1 from 30 trys we can built a PTM-file with high-resolution jpgs (8688x5792; approx. 12 MB) successfully, but in most of the cases it does not work and we get the message: Unknown Error Detected. Unable to open file D:\03_RTI-OeAI_2019\Master\003\raw-jpg_010\cropped-files\000361.jpg In the attachment you find the screenshot Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't - we have no idea why! We need the PTM-file with the high-resolution jpgs and we hope, somebody can solve this problem. Thank you in advance, Niki and Judith Austrian Archaeological Institute Vienna
  4. dear dave, thank you very much!!! It works with smaller and less images, but not with the original size. We find out the next problem: Our PTM file: We are using Canon EOS 5D SR with Canon 24-70mm zoomlense. This inscription paper (about 30x50 cm) has this distortion and "slipping edges" on all corners. Center of the image is fine. But just in the PTM file, the captured images are completely sharp all over the image. Thank you dear Dave! yours, niki
  5. dear dave, thank you so much!!! we keep in touch. all the best yours niki
  6. dear dave, it works with the sample files... is it possible that our images are to big? 8688x5792pix thank you!!! niki
  7. dear dave, i will try now. best niki
  8. dear dave, new error with HSH... see below. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! best niki
  9. dear dave, 1) yes - same error message (Processing row: 3714) ??? 2) we already did twice 3) yes we tried, but no change Do you have more ideas?? Thank you very much!! yours niki
  10. dear dave, GREAT!!! one is giving a note... here the path. C:\RTI\tulpe THANX IN ADVANCE yours niki here the screenshot...
  11. Dear all, we are completely destroyed.. having an unbelievable automatic RTI Dome but cannot create any PTM file.. We checked the path if there are any spaces and we know that we should use lower case jpg. Already uninstall and reinstall RTI Builder and also Java. We still get all the time at the end after cropping: Unknown error detected. the created xml file contains at the end: Fitter returned an error ! Error : -1</xc:event> Please help us! Please please please.. all the best from Vienna, niki photographer austrian archaeological institute
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