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  1. Loa

    Missing file: PTMFitter.exe

    Dear Carla, Thank you for your speedy reply. I did read about filenames and pathnames, but can't find the spaces. I will look again tomorrow - I did read somewhere that it was a windows problem. I didn't save the images on the desktop for the same reason. I apologize for the repetitive questions, but I totally overlooked the HP stuff on the webpage - though I/IT dep. have tried to install so many times for the past month. And It is not obvious to me in the guidelines, that I feel I have read and reread many times. I truly appreciate your good work. Thank you! Loa
  2. Hi, I really had trouble getting my IT department to install the RTI builder application. Now it is installed - after a month of quarrels. And now I get all the way to fitting the PTM so I tried the only fitter.exe file I could find - the hshfitter. And I got the message Unknown Error Detected! I'm assuming the PTM fitter file should be in the Fitters folder but I as I said - I can only find the HSHfitter. I looked around in the other folders and found something in the Plugins folder - and found a folder called PTMfitter - but looking into that I find a .txt file and a PTMfitterPlugin.jar file. Can anyone help me? Did the IT department mess up the program?