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  1. Artcare

    JPEG Library Error

    Thanks for you help and patience Carla. I have a successful result now and have placed all RTI assignments in their own primary folder, instead of having pesky subfolders. I am looking forward to applying the technique to further projects. Regards and thanks, Andrew_Thorn
  2. Artcare

    JPEG Library Error

    This is from the file dot_painting_OriginalSet.lp 92 D:\Research Projects\RTI\Dot_painting\jpeg-exports\dot(1).jpg -0.5952802 0.76323223 0.25123307 D:\Research Projects\RTI\Dot_painting\jpeg-exports\dot(10).jpg -0.6552721 -0.08540065 0.7505499 D:\Research Projects\RTI\Dot_painting\jpeg-exports\dot(11).jpg -0.63341236 0.29012674 0.7173669 D:\Research Projects\RTI\Dot_painting\jpeg-exports\dot(12).jpg -0.62648886 0.61444914 0.47954556 D:\Research Projects\RTI\Dot_painting\jpeg-exports\dot(13).jpg -0.6602188 0.70433176 0.26082164
  3. Artcare

    JPEG Library Error

    Is this what you want to see. Here are the first six lines. Could it be the 92 in the first line. This is from the first file appearing in the folder 92 D:\Research Projects\RTI\Dot_painting\jpeg-exports\IMGP8385.JPG -0.8430064 0.5342322 0.06273952 D:\Research Projects\RTI\Dot_painting\jpeg-exports\IMGP8386.JPG -0.78354573 0.29149693 0.5487127 D:\Research Projects\RTI\Dot_painting\jpeg-exports\IMGP8387.JPG -0.6741801 -0.33297077 0.65925086 D:\Research Projects\RTI\Dot_painting\jpeg-exports\IMGP8388.JPG -0.65759754 -0.48703393 0.5747725 D:\Research Projects\RTI\Dot_painting\jpeg-exports\IMGP8389.JPG -0.65153044 -0.6621974 0.37013873 D:\Research Projects\RTI\Dot_painting\jpeg-exports\IMGP8390.JPG -0.69328344 -0.71455485 0.093645304
  4. Artcare

    JPEG Library Error

    The three .lp files are all correctly formatted with underscores. Andrew
  5. Artcare

    JPEG Library Error

    And I am certain there are no spaces in anything I do in this program. I will look into the program you nominate to automate the batch file rename. Thanks, Andrew
  6. Artcare

    JPEG Library Error

    I have manually changed the extension to lower case for each image but again I am stopped by the same error message after the images all execute. I have looked in each of the folders; finished-files, assembly-files, and cropped-files, and find no relevant file to view in RTI viewer. I should also mention that when I searched the forum for this particular error message it came up blank. Thanks again Andrew
  7. Artcare

    JPEG Library Error

    Thanks, I read that uppercase issue , which seemed to relate to PTM in that discussion. My images are stored in uppercase and I just now need to find a way to lower them. My viewer wont accept it but I will look for alternatives. Thanks
  8. Artcare

    JPEG Library Error

    HI, I have successfully run through the program, opting for HSHfitter as there are problems with PTM. Once I execute I receive a JPEG Library Error, stating "Improper call to JPEG library in state 200". I have searched extensively for this error message and now seek help here. Andrew
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