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    Bogus virus warning

    I think you can still set it as an exclusion in Defender (although I go for Avast at home) but it's a bit extreme that it simply deleted the program from your pc. I just installed RTI Builder at work on Win 10, where I had to hit "run anyway" when it warned me when I clicked the install file, and then on Norton (company mandated, not my choice) I had to enable two processes Builder was running for the same reason (heuristic virus). I'm assuming that this is all because the program is fairly old and lacks up-to-date security certificates. Definitely something to be aware of, even if it only causes minor headaches.
  2. ewan_cavlp

    RTI Builder Not Working on Windows 10?

    I realise this is a bit old, but I had this problem today when installing RTI Builder on Windows 10. Solution was to use the Java removal tool to remove Java, and then install the latest version. Now Builder runs fine (also had to enable it on Norton, which thought it was a virus).