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  1. Hallo I'm Paolo Triolo, I'm art historian and CH diagnost. I usually manage RTI in multispectral acquisition. I've got good results in the IR band, on painting because RTI can exploit the capability of discovering pentimenti, but also on archeological vascular peinture, where infrared band can help to find out drying traces of black pigment and preparatory engraving. I also tested RTI in UV fluorescence, through a modified flash, to study varnishes. From 2014 i also put in common use for my activity RTI VIL, (visible induced infrared luminescence), to get RTI information about Egyptian blue painted areas. It need little bit complex postproduction, but it's useful on egyptian and roman artifacts. RTI VIL can be applied also to VIL fluorescent pigments as Han purple, Maya blue and (with low intensity results) on cadmiun base red pigments. Ciao Paolo Triolo Fac. Conservazione e Restauro di Urbino DISTAV- Università di Genova triolox@libero.it
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