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  1. I am running into this problem and have tried everything that everyone has mentioned. I am running windows 10 64-bit with 16gb of ram. No spaces anywhere in files.
  2. geier1

    Not able to import images.

    Ok thanks for the help everyone. I am running into another problem now... I am not able to click execute once I have created a defined highlighted area. Help anyone?https://ibb.co/bUs1H5
  3. geier1

    Not able to import images.

    Does an underscore count? for example my images are set up like this "lamp_sun.000" Otherwise they are in .jpg format
  4. Hello everyone, I have an issue, let me explain a little about my project, I have high quality 3d historical scan data and have rendered about 50 images of the object, all with different sources of light. I have also done the same thing with a black sphere. My plan was do create a project using the black ball and then using that .lp file to import my object images. My issue is after i've converted my rendered images to DNG, then back into JPG, I am not able to import the picture. I was trying to select multiple images but it would not let me do that. I have also tried updating Java. Any Help? It would be very helpfull.