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  1. Hi ! I have this device. It's light is rather valuable to give the skin a sideways kick to reduce symptoms of neurodermitis, than to tan. (I used e.g. 30 secs in dark winter days to the face in 0,5 to 0,7m distance. Combine therapy e.g. with birch bork-, mallow-, calendula-lotio, probiotics etc., and meditation 30'/d to get good results..) But please use some UV dosimeter as they are available for small money for sun bathers. It is indeed a high pressure Hg lamp. see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercury-vapor_lamp The IR heating resistor elements replace the otherwise needed current limiting coil. Do not leave it out without replacing it with other current limiting circuity! Such a setup with coil can be found in old street lamps, where high pressure hg lamps are used as well. You can cut away the outer (flurescence) bulb glass, and inside you will see just the same hg lamp as in these old fry-my-face UV tanners. Don't break the inner high pressure hg steam cell by overcurrent or hard drops, as the amount of Mercury is not as small as in modern energy saving bulbs. When you want to keep away unnecessary levels of UV from old artifacts, it may be worth the effort to filter out unneeded wavelengths at the source side. But I'm no expert what you can place on some old canvas without harm. If you can reduce the exopsion time to some seconds, it may well not count. Upon ignition, the spectrum is quite different, as I remember from old sprectral experiments, its coherence is higher, it is more narrow-banded and shows different lines. As the Hg pressure rises, the number of bumps per second grows, so interrupted radiation processes get more likely, and the spectrum gets wider. Likewise intensity grows. Still I don't know how many interrupted cold starts with cut-off after some seconds the bulb will survive, just let it burn to full brightness a couple of minutes from time to time. Re-Start after full burn is only possible after condensing of Hg at the electrodes, could be you have to wait some minutes, up to 10. As for sun protection glasses, I don't know the effectiveness. Not looking at it is certainly adiviseable. 150W at 65lm/W is the output of a street light Hg lamp after conversion of UV to VIS. The original yield of UV, on some small 1cm^2 area, is much higher. The eye protection goggles the tanner came with are just 2 ovals of thick black bakelite plastic, bound together on a elastic string across the nose and another around the hind head. 100% (UV) blocking warranted. Don't forget exchange the room air, open the window and let out out all the O3 ozone after burning a while. You will smell the difference... Hope it helps a bit. Andi
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