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    Maximum image resolution

    Thank you for your reply Carla, at this moment i have to use MACs for these 80Mpx pictures, later i try other PCs systems and Windows versions and i will let you know about results. We have a lot of PCs more powerfull than macbooks so i will be happy if will be works.
  2. Hi, we successfully using HSM with pictures from Nikon D800 cameras but i have problem with bigger pictures from PhaseOne IQ280. Im only at the beginning of finding solution. I tried HP Desktop with Windows 7 Pro 64bits, Java V8 Update 121 and RTIbuilder 2.0.2 (i5-4670, 16GB RAM). I tried render downsized images using Lightroom and RTIbuilder start loading images from 8000x6000px (48Mpx) and lower. Is there some SW, HW or Java limits for image sizes? RTIbuilder freezes after "Open folder". In quick test i open same files on Macbook Pro (MAC version of RTIbuilder) and no problem there. Image size is 10328x7760px. I can test it on the other PC specs and newer Windows versions but will be good to know about limitations. Thanks for reply. Lukas.