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  1. Do any of the existing RTI/PTM viewers support making measurements or dimensions? This would be incredibly useful for further analysis of the imaged objects. If not currently available, I suggest this as a useful feature for the future wishlist. Thank you, Jason
  2. Can you comment on the strengths of each of the fitters (PTM or HSH)? The hope is to have a better idea of when to use each. Thank you, Jason
  3. The CHI website infers that RTIs can be used for "3D." Obvisouly the calculated surface normals and viewers do relay 3D texture information, but have you ever seen RTI/PTM data used for 3D computer or physical models? For example converting them into a conventional 3D computer model for use in CAD, animation, or other 3D computer software? Thanks, Jason
  4. Marlin, Thanks for the reply. Despite knowing the right way to do it, last month I was travelling through the highlands of Guatemala and was not able to find a radio trigger or sync cable before my capture session so here is the work around that I used: 1) I set the external flash to be 8x the power of the built in flash so almost all of the illumination was from the right direction 2) I used the built-in flash to wirelessly trigger the external flash for my highlight image capture sequence This resulted in 2 reflections (one large from the external flash and a small one from the built in flash) on the reflective spheres. Since the built-in flash did not move, the reflection from it was always in the same place on the spheres which made it easy to paint out. This ensured that the right light position was calculated for the RTI. 3) After capture, I recorded a Photoshop action to automate the painting out the reflection of the built-in flash for the entire sequence. Every image received identical treatment. 4) Then I processed the RTI as per instructions after that. I don't know if the added light from the built-in flash may have adversely affected the quality of the RTI, but we were very pleased with the outcome. Thanks for developing such a robust and useful technique. Jason
  5. I have a Canon Rebel T4i camera which triggers an external flash using the built-in flash… 1) Will this cause confusion for capturing highlight images (even though the strength of the built-in flash is so much lower)? 2) If yes, would it cause confusion if I redirected the built-in flash so it does not directly hit the subject? Thank you, Jason
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