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    I am a 3rd year Natural Sciences student at the University of Exeter, embarking on my Masters project in PTM/RTI technology under Dr Jacqueline Christmas. My interests in Arduino amateur electronics and Python programming help me in the lab, whilst my love of Caving brings the archaeological uses of this technology into perspective.
  1. If anyone else runs into a Memory Allocation error then you might have some success with John Cupitt's "ptmfit" which is just a re-work of PTMfitter but considerably faster with much better memory handling. I've used it to build PTMs from 80x 20 megapixel images. It's not compatible with RTIBuilder, so you have to use it from the command line. It also doesn't come with any documentation - so be aware that your working directory has to be the jpeg-exports folder when you call it. An example call would look something like: PS D:\Builds\E3\jpeg-exports> C:\Users\Ari\ptmfit\ptmfit.exe -i ..\assembly-files\E3.lp -o ..\finished-files\E3.ptm
  2. It looks like the forum won't let me upload .manifest files so I've uploaded it to GitHub and you can download it from here: https://github.com/aricooperdavis/RTIViewerManifest/blob/master/RTIViewer.exe.manifest
  3. I had a quick search for this on the forum and couldn't find any information about it, so I thought that I'd post it here to help out anyone who is trying to use RTIViewer on a high DPI display.
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