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  1. Kate:I tried selecting the upper level project folder that contains "jpegs-export" and the "original-captures" and I still get the same message. The project folder is stored on my C drive. Carla answered: You need to select the project level folder, NOT the jpeg-exports folder when you are starting a new project. The software looks for a jpeg-exports folder in the folder you select. This is documented in the user guide as well. It is a little clunky, and people often trip up on it. It uses the project level folder, because that is where it will create additional folders and place it's log file. Kate: I am trying to download a project into the builder. When I select ”jpegs-exports” I get this message: “the jpegs-exports folder is missing in your project library”. However I can see all the jpegs in the directory. I am using Windows and have checked that there are no spaces in any of the folders' names .
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