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  1. John, Excellent insight. I changed computers and the OS in the middle of the project. Our old files are indeed .jpg and the new files are .JPG. The next hurdle is figuring out if I can change .JPG to .jpg. I have only been using the j-pegs and have not been doing any conversions. Thank you and cheers! Ansley
  2. I should also probably mention that I am unable to open the RTIBuilder application. I can only run the RTIBuilder[Console].
  3. I have tried reprocessing an HSH as a PTM and still get the dreaded "Unknown error detected" message box. I tried processing another old batch of photos as a new PTM project again too and it worked fine.
  4. I have tried reprocessing an HSH as a PTM and still get the dreaded "Unknown Error Detected" message box.
  5. Carla, I agree it is not the spheres now that I can process an HSH. Our IT Department has a new policy that the software needed to be inside the Temp directory. I tried uploading the lp file and got this error message, Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file Thank you, Ansley
  6. Carla, Thanks so much for continuing offer advice! I had wondered if the PTM fitter had been placed right when we went through java-rti software-windows problems before. But, I am able to process PTM's of older photo sets as "new projects" again with out issue. Here is where we placed the PTM fitter: C:\Temp\RTIbuilder_v2_0_2\Plugins\PTMfitter Here is a screen shot of one step above the path listed above.
  7. I am attaching the XML of the failed PTM. The HSH worked and I attempted the PTM again as a new project. I will try re-processing the HSH as a PTM next week. Thank you, Ansley CA-LAN-374_p1_spJ_e21-B.xml
  8. I am attaching the XML of the failed PTM. I just tried processing it (as a new project) after I had the successful HSH. I will try re-prosessing the HSH as a PTM next week. Thank you, Ansley CA-LAN-375_p1_spA_e14-B.xml
  9. I was mistaken. The highlight is defined in all but the first image. I "unchecked the box" so that the first image would not be included in defining the highlight since it is a grey card image. This set will not process as a PTM. I have just tried the HSH fitter though and it worked. The XML file is attached. Thank you, Ansley CA-LAN-375_p1_spA_e14.xml
  10. XML of the batch that processed as an HSH, but would not process as a PTM attached. Thanks! Ansley CA-LAN-374_p1_spJ_e21.xml
  11. Has anyone had trouble processing a PTM when an HSH would work? Our latest batches of rock art photos will not process as PTM's, but when I use the HSH method, it does work. As a test, to make sure I had all the former software issues cleaned up, I re-processed (as a new project) an old photo set that had worked in the past, and it processed as a PTM again with no problem. I am stumped. Thanks for any ideas. Ansley
  12. We have been successfully using a Nikon D90 with a Vello RS-N211 shutter release cable. If you do go this route, be sure to keep your receipt and original packaging. Our first one stopped working after about 10 months. It was still under warranty, so we returned it for a new one. We also ended up purchasing a second one for back-up since they are inexpensive. Vello RS-N211 shutter release cable: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/765672-REG/Vello_RS_N2II_RS_N2_Wired_Remote_Switch.html
  13. Okay. I figured out the screen shot conversion into a jpg. When I scroll through each individual image, the highlight is defined except for the first image (which I intentinally left out due to the grey card in the image). When I get to the last screen to "execute," I get the "unknown error detected" message box. Thank you, Ansley
  14. Snapshot of scratched spheres. I was not sure how to attach a screen shot. It would not let me upload a word file with the screen shot pasted and reduced in size.
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