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  1. Thanks, that makes sense - I can see that would be issue!
  2. Thank you for the response Carla. I was not clear enough in my original post, I'm afraid. I will most certainly take a long series of photos around the objects (say 40-60 pictures from different angles). However, I was wondering if adding in so that each picture actually is stereoscopic, if there is any software that could take advantage of that (i.e. you punch in that there is a difference in viewpoint of x mm between it, and the software could use this as an additional level of accuracy enhancer). After posting, I found something called DI4D, that sounds kind of what I was thinking - though I suspect the price is more than a little prohibiting...and it is not clear to me whether you are always stuck to having only 2 cameras for each point in time (it talks about many frames, but I suspect this is for capturing a model that is animated, i.e. a person talking)
  3. Hi, I am wondering if there is any benefit in having my camera capture two images at once, using something like the Kula deeper 3d lens attachment for dslr cameras. It will basically squeeze two images side by side into one picture. Of course, I would still like to follow the normal process of photographing the object from multiple angles, but just wondering if the stereoscopic images will be possible to make more accurate models (or use fewer shots from various angles). Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
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