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  1. Hi everyone, I wanted to share with you an RTI capture system I've devised that uses 3D printed and laser cut parts in addition to some easily acquired bits of hardware. The rig was designed as a sort of alternative to dome-style automatic capture systems for researchers who are not comfortable doing their own wiring or programming, have really low budgets, or work in especially adverse field conditions. It consists of a flashlight attached to a wooden arm, which is connected to a lazy susan bearing. This allows the arm / light to rotate around a stable platform. I recently presented this project as a poster at the annual meeting of the European Society for the Study of Human Evolution in Madrid, Spain. You can download files for 3D printing / laser cutting, assembly instructions, and my poster on the Data Repository for the University of Minnesota. Please let me know if you have any comments or questions! Hopefully some of you may find this useful. -Samantha Porter
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