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  1. Trying to use DLN:Inspector with a DLN database (the sample database which installs with DLN:CC). The 'Project' at the top of the DLN:Inspector GUI does allow you to select a project; but the drop-down 'Group' to select image groups drop-down/combo is always empty so cannot get any further. Same if run DLN:Inspector RTI or PG. The DLN database has both the LACMA tests (RTI and PG) and some of my own initial tests in as well. None of them are accessible from DLN:Inspector (also, unlike DLN:CC, there's no 'About' which allows one to report more detailed version/build info, only the 'Version 1.0 Beta' in the title bar of the application)
  2. UPDATE: Have found a short-term work-around. I guess that there is a password embedded in the DLN applications, and if DLN:CC starts it must have the correct password. I noticed that on the DLN:CC Admin menu there was a 'Run script' option, so I first of all tried running the 'createpg.sql' script from DLN:CC - the script started OK, but then failed because the three sub-scripts that created the sequences, tables and then inserted the ref data only had relative paths when called from within 'createpg.sql'. So, I was going to modify a copy of 'createpg.sql' to embed the paths, but instead from within DLN:CC which was logged in to the database, I just ran the 'createsequence.sql', then 'createtable.sql' and finally 'insertlookupdata.sql' - all of which ran OK to completion. I can now start DLN:Inspector and connect to the DLN database. Dave
  3. Hi Carla, Have tried to install DLN:Inspector. Once I found out how to get DLN:CC to start (separate thread in DLN:CC section) I tried to start DLN:Inspector again and it came up with the first message shown below that the database had not been update for DLN:Inspector and to see the documentation for instructions. Checked online and in the installed program groups and could not spot the documentation. In the end I started DLN:Inspector 'without the DLN' and then, by clicking [Help] it opened the PDF. I then followed the instructions (which I guess are OK for beta testing but possibly not ideal for end-users long term) but, when the update is run, it fails with the message shown in the second screenshot. Dave
  4. UPDATE: - I had a look at/for the (not) installed database, then repeated the installation, and I've got it working now. I think problem when application was trying to connect to the database was not so much 'no password' as in fact 'no database'! The installer's default option under 'DLNCC Database' is 'Upgrade existing database'. If there is no database to install, it silently skips that stage. For first install, manually changing the option to 'New database, replacing the existing' seems to rectify the situation. This also removes the complaint when DLN:Inspector starts) Iain - suggest you try re-installing and tick the 'New database' option and see if that helps. I think / would suggest: the installer script needs to be 'cleverer' so if no database installed it will install skeleton one, or at least prompt the user; or at least the database option text in the installer screen above needs extra (like the PostgresSQL) so it maybe says 'New database, replacing the existing (check if first installation)' or at least some pre-install info/advice for the user . Dave
  5. Carla - similar (I think) question to IainS. When starting DLN:CC, it attempts to connect to the database - it pops up a database login (first pic), username defaults to 'postgres' with an option of two databases to connect to ('cpt_db' and 'cpt_db_v2.1'). Default password is blank, but there must be a password set as can't get beyond this point. Edit: I guess because DLN:CC hasn't got beyond this stage, DLN:Inspector complains at startup as well (second pic) Dave
  6. Dave Martin

    Initial view bookmark?

    Thanks Carla, I had suspected that ability was not in there yet. Is there a suggestion list anywhere for possible features in the RTI Viewer? - if so, I'd like to add this feature to that list. Dave
  7. Dave Martin

    Initial view bookmark?

    Is there any way to specify in a model that a particular bookmark should be activated when the viewer opens the model? The 'high noon' default can be less than ideal for first view, especially for a novice viewer. Rather than trying to coach the user to go down and open specific a bookmark, it would be great if one could specify, rather than 'NONE', a bookmark (with all its power) which would be activated as soon as the model is loaded (broadly similar to the way one can set the 'initial view' for a PDF). Dave