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  1. Dave Martin

    Not able to import images.

    Merci bien Emeline, Many thanks for reporting back and glad all is working for you now. Cordialment Dave
  2. Dave Martin

    Not able to import images.

    Emeline, I'm not involved with the programming, but I don't recall hearing of any dependencies that would affect this. I think Java is used, so it might be worth updating or even re-installing Java to make sure. Other thoughts - if you have a very aggressive firewall, I suppose conceivably it could be stopping access (though I can't dream why) - maybe disconnect your PC/laptop from the network/internet, turn off the firewall and try again? Might also be worth checking firewall logs and Windows event logs in case they show anything? Other than these, I'm sorry but I'm running out of ideas. Cordialment Dave
  3. Dave Martin

    Not able to import images.

    Emeline, To reduce the variables, can you have another try with the fish data set that CHI provide? Please forgive me if these duplicate what you know or have tried, but this is the simplest set of steps - could you try these as they definitely work. Dave On your PC, if you don’t already have one, make a folder RTI at the top level on your C: drive, and within that, make a folder Fish_1000 so you end up with C:\RTI\Fish_1000 Download the Fish_1000 set of example files from http://culturalheritageimaging.org/What_We_Offer/Downloads/Process/ And then – somewhere else on your PC - expand/extract the fish_fossil-data-set_1000.zip file. In the extracted files, down one level, you will see a folder jpeg-exports Copy that folder and its contents into C:\RTI\Fish_1000 so you end up with C:\RTI\Fish_1000\jpeg-exports which will contain 36 photographs named fish_fossil_01.jpg through fish_fossil_36.jpg Start RTI Builder In the Project Name box, type Fish_test In the Operation Sequence block, click on the first option – Highlight based (HSH Fitter) Then click the [Start new project] button On the Image selection screen which opens with an initial blank list, click the [Open folder] button at the right-hand edge of the screen In the Windows selection box which pops-up, it usually seems to default browsing to ‘My Documents’. Click on the ‘Computer’ icon (fourth one down) in the left-hand bar Double-click on C: Double-click on the RTI folder Double-click on the Fish_1000 folder Then click [Open] (N.B. please don’t click on the ‘jpeg-exports’ folder) You should then see a pop-up ‘Loading images’ with a progress bar When all the images have loaded, you should then see 36 images in the selection pane after which you should be able to proceed with RTI processing; and as you proceed with building your RTI model, you should see an xml and other folders appear in the project folder, so eventually, if you just proceed (using default options and not cropping) you will have: C:\RTI\Fish_1000\assembly-files C:\RTI\Fish_1000\finished-files C:\RTI\Fish_1000\jpeg-exports C:\RTI\Fish_1000\Fish_test.xml and your finished RTI will be C:\RTI\Fish_1000\finished-files\ Fish_test_1000.rti
  4. Dave Martin

    Not able to import images.

    Thanks Dragos, If you can, it would be great if you could update when you get your RTI working, as we all may benefit form your experience. Dave
  5. Dave Martin

    Not able to import images.

    Emeline, First quick thought - you're not trying to open the jpeg-exports folder in RTI Builder are you? - you need to open the parent project directory C:\Users\Emeline\Desktop\RTI\MR_390_Vertumne\MR390_Vertumne_attache within which the builder will expect to find the jpeg-exports and will in due course save the MR390_Vertumne_attache.xml and create the assembly-files, cropped-files, and finished-files folders. Dave
  6. Dave Martin

    Not able to import images.

    Hi Dragos, I've just had a look at the manuscript page image. It's big, but possibly processable. I'm a little confused though: 1) that image doesn't have any reflective sphere(s) that I can see in the shot? which are necessary unless you have a pre-calibrated lighting dome or rig. 2) that image looks to have fairly flat / uniform illumination? rather than from a point source. 3) are you trying to make an RTI out of just one image? - if so, that won't work - you need a number of shots with the camera position/orientation held steady and the point light source illuminating the object from different directions (see the RTI capture guide on CHI's web site at http://culturalheritageimaging.org/What_We_Offer/Downloads/Capture/index.html and the RTI processing guide at http://culturalheritageimaging.org/What_We_Offer/Downloads/Process/index.html ) Can I suggest you get to grips with making an RTI model with the set of images linked to above with CHI provide, which we know work. Dave
  7. Dave Martin

    Not able to import images.

    Dragos, The screenshot shows "Unknown Error Detected", that is known and various threads on this forum relate to it. It is, I understand, reported as the cryptic "Unknown Error" because RTI Builder hands off to actual Fitter to do the numerical processing, and if the Fitter doesn't work, it doesn't necessarily report why. Have a search here for "unknown error". You have installed the fitter, haven't you? You also mentioned processing "1 file" - that DropBox link doesn't work - do you mean just one picture? (There may also be Mac issues but I'm sorry that I'm not a Mac expert - my last Apple machine was the twin-floppy Apple II on which I wrote some of the software in UCSD Pascal for my PhD - just Windows and Unix for the last forty-odd years) Dave (just another RTI user!)
  8. Dave Martin

    Not able to import images.

    Dragos, A few things that would help narrow this down: Have you managed to build and view RTI files before? Is it just one set of images that causes this? If you have a set of images that worked previously, can you try re-processing them? Can you advise hardware and operating system? Can you confirm if you have admin rights and full access to the file system on the computer? Can you post a screenshot showing the file structure where the images are that you are hoping to process? Can you share one of the image files you are hoping to see (and process)? Do you have any other computers you could try on? (even with just a small set of a few images) What happens if you try processing the sample image set that CHI provide which is known to work? (download in various resolutions from: http://culturalheritageimaging.org/What_We_Offer/Downloads/Process/) Dave
  9. Dave Martin

    Archival Record Preservation

    Henry, I'm sure you're not alone in this! You might find it useful to reach out to bodies such as the (UK based) Museums Association https://www.museumsassociation.org/ If they cannot help directly, they might be able to advise other useful professional curatorial contacts. Dave
  10. Ken, just another thought - you're not moving or re-naming any of the files are you?
  11. Ken, Re trying a known good PTI file; I'm away from my workstation with files currently but if you haven't got this cracked by this evening I'll pop a working RTI in a dropbox folder for you tonight. Dave
  12. Ken, Re the PTM fitter, there's a replacement download link here:
  13. Ken, A few things that would help narrow this down: Have you managed to build and view RTI files before (on any of these machines)? Have you any older RTI files you can (still) open? Is it just one set of images that causes this? If you have a set of images that worked previously, can you try re-processing them and then see if you can open the RTI file? You mention it is the same on multiple computers, does that mean you've done the whole process (generate then view) on each PC? If you generate on one PC is it unreadable on all three PCs? Is it the same if you generate using the PTM fitter? Dave
  14. Dave Martin

    Unknown Error Detected

    Niki/Judith, I'm just a fellow-user, not involved with RTI software development, but I also use Windows platform. If it would help you, if you can share some images I would be glad to try them if I get a chance at the weekend. Will send you message with my contact details if you would like me to try. Dave
  15. Dave Martin

    Unknown Error Detected

    Niki/Judith, a couple of thoughts: 1) to try and find out if it is something with the images, or with, say, memory, it would be worth as Carla says trying a down-sampled set of the same images just as a test; maybe resample them down to half their size (you can use the free IrfanView to do this in batch mode). 2) also, if you have a smaller number of the big images, does it crash the same? 3) does it always stop on 000361.jpg ? 4) the folder named says ....\cropped\... - are all the images the same size after cropping? - is there any chance the offending one is a different size? 5) is it the same if you try on a different computer? Dave