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  1. just ran the image sequence for the object in the newly downloaded RTI builder software. when I got to the crop page, I was unable to find the PTMFitter Location - all that comes up are Windows folders - I am unable to access the Mac side of my Applications folder. so, I moved the PTM Fitter to the desktop and used that location. the program ran fine until it got to row 4416. it always stops on row 4416. and then the pop-up window came up and it says: "Unknown error detected!" I will have to suspend the RTI photography for now - I still have seventeen objects to go and I am not sure what to do - thank you for your help!
  2. I'll go ahead and reinstall the software. just in case, here is an example of a jpg file: 9025.1679a_072.jpg. I have attached a screen shot to show you the folder structure. you can see that the failed output show up outside the folders: spiroshellseight.xml. I have attached a second screen shot to show you the PTM area of my Applications folder. the EXEC file is in there - this is the Mac download, but is not an exec file for Windows? plus, it worked just fine on the first two objects, so it must be okay!
  3. yes, I received a pop-up error message - that is what's so frustrating. I have the black ceramic balls in the photo, but this should not matter. they were in the two sessions that worked just fine yesterday. that is what's so strange - I completed two sessions yesterday and everything worked fine and then - boom - twelve hours and nothing has worked on the third session. I looked at the PTM folders in my Applications folder and they match the current downloads from the HP site. but the file is a Windows file, not a Mac file. I assume that is okay since I downloaded the Mac version
  4. Hi Carla, Just ran the jpg's from a new shoot through the HSH fitter. Used Order #2 and did not check advanced options as you suggested. I received the error window again. Up in the right it says Parameters read successfully; HSH matrix: rows=4 and columns=62; number of threads: 8 Up in the location window it says "/Applications/RTIbuilder-v2.0.2.app/Contents/Resources/Java/Fitters/HSHfitter/hshfitter" I usually use the PTM fitter, so I will go back and try that one again next thank you, Rob
  5. and add-on to my original question: I just ran the images again this time using the HSH Fitter instead. the session failed again and this time the Error window read: "plugin.exceptions.pathundefined: color correction file not found or you don't have permission to read it." So I am currently dead in the water. If I do not hear from anyone soon, I will go ahead and reshoot the entire sequence of the object and start a new RTI builder session and see what happens Rob
  6. Greetings from Tulsa, After two successful RTI builder sessions, my third one has hit a snag and eight hours later, still no luck. Every time I get to the crop page, I run the 62 images and the process gets to "Processing two: 4265 and I receive an "Unknown Error Detected" window. My jpeg-captures folder looks fine. Is this possibly at PTM fitter problem? I am on a Mac Pro and when I click on the PTMFitterlocation, I only see windows applications, even though PTM fitter is sitting in my Mac Applications. Of course, my first two objects worked fine. when I click on the failed RTI Viewer files, my Windows in Parallels opens up. Do I need to reshoot the object and start from scratch? Thank you, Rob Cross
  7. Thank you, Carla - The center column on the tripod was not locked down, so I will complete one more RTI in case the camera moved. If that fails, we will have to add weights to the paper (which we are trying to avoid). The paper is light and we do have air movement (thus my winter jacket to keep the draft away!). Rob
  8. Hello from Tulsa! Quick question - I have been asked to copy some Spanish documents from the 1570s using RTI. First version, I saw that the handwriting was doubled - every stroke has a "shadow" - perhaps I hit the paper with the string or there was wind movement? So, I did version two and the same thing. Only this time I noticed that when you use the virtual track ball in RTI Viewer, half the time the letters are fine and half the time the letters have a shadow line. What is going on? I have attached one version - the one with the double lettering - the other half of the RTI looks fine with no shadow stroke Thank you, Rob
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