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      04 May
    Alex Hollmann

    I am involved in the Magica Levantina project to decipher and publish curse tablets in Ancient Greek from the Levant. kathrynpiquette has posted on this before and has taken many of the RTI images we use. My question is whether there are any members in the Princeton NJ region who would be able to take some further RTI images of one of the tablets in the Princeton Art Museum. We have some images of the tablet but now find we need even more detailed images. If anybody would be willing to do thi...

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      22 Feb
    Chris Pickup

    I have been using RTI Builder for a few months now for research. After computer problems my laptop had to be reset and I have been given a Windows 64bit oporating system. Is it now the case that I cannot use RTI builder as it is only available as 32bit. It is certainly the case that the new upload will not work where the 64bit viewer does. Are there any solutions?

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Join Us for Our September 2017 Photogrammetry Class at CHI

Announcements Yesterday, 07:09 PM
Don't miss CHI's next 4-day photogrammetry class in the fall:   Monday, September 25 through Thursday, September 28, 2017   These classes have limited seating and tend to sell out, so please don't hesitate too long to register. You will find the reg form and other information about the...
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Not able to import images.

Processing RTI Data 21 Apr 2017
Hello everyone, I have an issue, let me explain a little about my project, I have high quality 3d historical scan data and have rendered about 50 images of the object, all with different sources of light. I have also done the same thing with a black sphere. My plan was do create a project using t...
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Dome vs. Highlight Image Processing

Dome Method 27 Mar 2017
I'm a newbie to RTI. I've been asked to build an RTI dome and light controller for a museum. I'm confused about highlight image processing. Are dome and highlight different ways of capturing images for RTI processing? If so, is there available processing software for dome? If dome is just a way o...
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Close range photogrammetry for distance measuring

Photogrammetry 24 Mar 2017
Hi, I might not be on the right website, but this seems like the only photogrammetry forum I could find. I am very new to photogrammetry but have become interested in CRP. I am hoping to be able to make a range finder for measuring distances real time using photogrammetry. Ideally it would be...
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Problem with "Detect Spheres"

Processing RTI Data 10 Mar 2017
Hello Everybody,   I just installed the RTIbuilder and tried to work a bit with the program. First i tried the HSH Fitter, but i got an error in the end.   So i switched to the PTM Fitter, but now i got another problem in the workflow. The "Detect Spheres" button does not gray out after...
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