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      04 May
    Alex Hollmann

    I am involved in the Magica Levantina project to decipher and publish curse tablets in Ancient Greek from the Levant. kathrynpiquette has posted on this before and has taken many of the RTI images we use. My question is whether there are any members in the Princeton NJ region who would be able to take some further RTI images of one of the tablets in the Princeton Art Museum. We have some images of the tablet but now find we need even more detailed images. If anybody would be willing to do thi...

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Reflected UV with RTI

Photogrammetry 18 Jul 2017
Dear all  I've tried to combinate UV Reflection with RTI  , i used a converted camera for UV reflection with monochrome setting and UV Flash , the idea was to have more phenomenons on the surfaces by using both of them  . after processing the UV Reflected photos in RTI builder and...
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Unsuccessful download for RTIBuilder Win32

FAQ 10 Jul 2017
RTIBuilder Version 2.0.2 for Win32 did not download successfully on my computer, though I had no problem with the RTIViewer Version 1.1 for 64-bit Windows OS. When I contacted Cultural Heritage Imaging customer services said Win32 version should be operable on a 64-bit OS, and that I should...
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improper call to JEPG library in state 200 !!

Processing RTI Data 01 Jul 2017
 Dear all actually I'm having some problems with my RTI builder , at the end of the procedure and after executing the photos , something like (improper call to JEPG library in state 200 ( appeared , then unknown error detected , i couldnt understand actually whats the problem , can u help me...
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Provider of RTI Services.

FAQ 27 Jun 2017
Hello, I would like to have an object I found subjected to RTI please. I am more than happy to pay for the service. I spoke to someone at the Smithsonian who offered their services on the condition I donate it to them. I have no problem donating it but only after I know what it is; if that's even...
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Stitching together multiple RTIs

Processing RTI Data 01 Jun 2017
Hi,   I'm interested in stitching together multiple RTIs of an object.  Essentially, this object is very large and the details are lost in a single RTI.  I would like to take RTIs of each section and then join them together.  Projects I have seen thus far join static images vi...
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