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  2. Hi We manufacture and sell professional lighting systems used for photometric measurements, 3D mesh and texture generation and cultural heritage preservation techniques such RTI. We also build custom domes and multi-camera trigger and power solutions. For more information please visit https://www.esperhq.com/lightcage Best Albert
  3. Thanks Hembo! Turns out that RTiViewer won't run on Catalina either. Gianpaolo Palma from the Visual Computing Lab in Pisa is looking into recompiling it for 64 bit. He thinks it will be straight forward if we lose the functionality for the network viewing. That was really just an experiment in the current version, and I think there are better options for folks now - so losing that feature to get 64 bit seems like something we can live with. 2 different people are looking into 64 bit PTMFitter and HSHFitter. PTMFitter isn't open source, and we don't have the code. We do have the code for HSHFitter. Are the fitters the problem - or can you not run the RTiBuilder application? Please post any specific error messages you receive. Thanks - and I've just pinged the folks that were working on all these things to try to get an update. I'll let you know if there is a way for you to get involved. I appreciate the offer. Carla
  4. As I was unsuccessful with OS X Catalina i've installed Win 10 via VirtualBox. After downloading and installing RTIBuilder widows deleted it automatically telling me it contains a virus. I have do not have any special virus software, whatever comes with Win 10. Any ideas, suggestions?
  5. ...and now it happened ... i bought new Mac an i can not use RTIBuilder anymore Trying to set up virtual machine older OS X or Win 10. Pain. As said earlier, I would be happy to help to put together the project to update RTI tools.
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  7. Hi Alessandro, Thanks for that information. By 'source' for the images I meant what camera and what type of file are you capturing (ARW, RAW, DNG, TIF etc.) and resolution; and any processing you're doing before attempting to make the RTI PTM. If you are able to share, if you could upload two folders (i) the files directly from the camera, and (ii) whatever you're trying process, to DropBox or similar, then I'd be glad to have a look and try to build PTM on my own workstations (will be a few days before I would have time though). Regards Dave
  8. Thank you Dave! I've already tried using the Fish Fossil files provided by CHI and it works fine with that (also the visualization with the rti-reader). When I try with my images it doesn't work: with the "manually changed" .jpg to .jpeg the open folder button crash (glitch, meaning it doesn't work; it doesn't upload the images). With the initial .jpg files I use (I do not work with .raw, and that should be another question, but not now..) the folder charge, than ball detection, highlight detection, than also cropping but it stops during executing, showing me that unknown error (unknow file format: .JPG, in the right side of the window). When using .jpg files, it load my images, ball detection, highlight detection, executing, it stop with the error, but it creates the assembly folder (with inside two .lp files and three .jpg files), it also create a .xml file in my folder. So I can't understand why this happens. 1- I've never succesful created a ptm, (only the fish fossil with the files already provided) 2- I'm running Windows 10 Home (x64), with 8gb Ram and a i5 processor. 3- The size of my pictures is 4608x3072 (rti-builder final step) but I also tried resing it to 3000x2000. What do you mean for "source"? Thanks Alessandro
  9. (This thread would really be better in the 'RTI Processing' section, maybe one of the Admins could move it?) Hi Alessandro, A couple of questions, then a suggestion. 1) Have you ever built successfully using PTM? 2) Can you advise what operating system and version you're running? 3) Can you advise size and source of your images? To identify if it is a problem with your images or with the installation on your computer, could I suggest you try using one of the sample image sets which CHI provide, as they are known to work. Please forgive me if these duplicate what you know or have tried, but this is the simplest set of steps, could you try these as they definitely work (below are written for a Windows operating system). Dave === On your PC, if you don’t already have one, make a folder RTI at the top level on your C: drive, and within that, make a folder Fish_1000 so you end up with C:\RTI\Fish_1000 Download the Fish_1000 set of example files from http://culturalheritageimaging.org/What_We_Offer/Downloads/Process/ And then – somewhere else on your PC - expand the fish_fossil-data-set_1000.zip file. In the zip file, down one level, you will see a folder jpeg-exports Copy that folder and its contents into C:\RTI\Fish_1000 so you end up with C:\RTI\Fish_1000\jpeg-exports which will contain 36 photographs named fish_fossil_01.jpg through fish_fossil_36.jpg Start RTI Builder In the Project Name box, type Fish_1000_PTM In the Operation Sequence block, click on the first option – Highlight based (PTM Fitter) Then click the [Start new project] button On the Image selection screen which opens with an initial blank list, click the [Open folder] button at the right-hand edge of the screen In the Windows selection box which pops-up, it usually seems to default browsing to ‘My Documents’. Click on the ‘Computer’ icon (fourth one down) in the left-hand bar Double-click on C: Double-click on the RTI folder Double-click on the Fish_1000 folder Then click [Open] (N.B. please don’t click on the ‘jpeg-exports’ folder) You should then see a pop-up ‘Loading images’ with a progress bar When all the images have loaded, you should then see 36 images in the selection pane after which you should be able to proceed with RTI processing; and as you proceed with building your RTI model, you should see an xml and other folders appear in the project folder, so eventually, if you just proceed (using default options and not cropping) you will have: C:\RTI\Fish_1000\assembly-files C:\RTI\Fish_1000\finished-files C:\RTI\Fish_1000\jpeg-exports C:\RTI\Fish_1000\Fish_1000_PTM.xml and your finished model will be C:\RTI\Fish_1000\finished-files\ Fish_1000_PTM_1000.ptm
  10. Hey! I have problems during the execution of the builder with the PTM Fitter. It start cropping images but at the end appears the "unknow error" message, and in the upper right of the windows the message is "unlnow file format: .JPG". I've tried changing the extensions in .jpg (downsizing) and in .jpeg (maybe the program can only read .jpeg..), but nothing change. Every time I've made I change I started a new project, just to be sure I did not commit any error. With the HSH Fitter everything is okay! P.s. When I tried upload the folder with the "jpeg-exports" the builder do not start uploading images and he glitch the hourglass. I had to brutally close the program. I tried many times many combinations but nothing.
  11. Images of the RTI coefficients are interesting, e.g. where you need a "clean" image of the item for further processing with photoshop etc An example here: PROCESSING OF POLYNOMIAL TEXTURE MAPPING (PTM) DATA TO ENHANCE THE DOCUMENTATION OF PETROGLYPHS Proccedings 4th international Congress on " Science and Technology for the Safeguard of Cultural Heritage in the Mediterranean Basin" Vol 2 pg 187 https://books.google.it/books?id=uuRLHs472RsC&hl=es
  12. The first question is what platform are you on? If you are on Mac make sure that you install RTIBuilder somewhere on your system (i.e. drag it from the disk image (.dmg file) onto your hard drive) Most folks put it in Applications. If you run it from the disk image you can have problems like this. If this isn't the problem for you, then give a bit more info about your setup to help us figure it out. Carla
  13. All the finished files that my RTIBuilder outputs are between 45-50 bytes, and don't open on the RTIViewer. Does anyone know why this is happening and how I can fix it?
  14. HSHfitter was compiled as a 32 bit app on the Mac - and those aren't supported in Catalina. Someone is working on trying to solve this for the PTMFitter. The PTMFitter is turning out to be more work than initially thought, due to dependencies in the code. Note that it is NOT open source, and CHI does not have the code for it. I've asked someone to do this for HSHFitter - and I'll post when I have an answer as to whether they can do it, and when. We do have the code for HSHFitter and it is available under the GNU General Public License v3. Sorry for all the issues with this old software. Carla
  15. Friends, has anybody else got that message? As the RTI Builder is gettig old and lhas several usability issues, we could try to put a project together to update the software.
  16. Thanks for jumping in Dave - I just checked it also - and it is downloading fine for me. I think your idea about it being quarantined by virus software makes the most sense. Carla
  17. Jason, it may well be downloading OK, but then as soon as the AV 'sees' the file, it may take a dislike and move it into quarantine - so downloading on other devices may be no help (or relevant to the issue), if it is the AV that is moving the RTI installer as soon as it is 'seen' on your PC. Dave
  18. No, its a corporate AV. I will have to download it from home and move it over. I will post tomorrow on if it works or not. It is strange as I am normally able to download and install software and my phone is on cell data, so it should have downloaded just fine. Thank you for the help!
  19. Jason, That sounds to me like your Anti-Virus may be moving it into quarantine as soon as it sees it on the PC. Can you look in your AV's quarantine folder or log? Dave
  20. I tried the link on two separate browsers as well as downloading it to my phone. On the desktop I am getting the following error: When I download it to my phone it shows the download, but once I move it to my desktop it gives me an error that it cannot find the software package. I used Chrome and IE for the downloads. Other links on the site work but that one just doesn't want to work for me.
  21. Jason, The official download page is: http://culturalheritageimaging.org/What_We_Offer/Downloads/Process/index.html and you need to click on the link I've circled. I've just re-downloaded and it is currently working OK. If you still have failure messages, can you post a screenshot please? Dave
  22. Hello all, I am attempting to find a working link to download the RTI processing software for windows. I have gone through a number of links posted in the forums, but none of them are active and the links on the CHI site come back with download failed, but only for the processing software. I am able to download the viewer just fine. Any help is much appreciated, thank you! -Jason
  23. I understand that PTMFitter is 32 bit, and therefore will not run in Catalina until we can create a 64bit version. We have had some discussions about that with various folks, because (as noted above) the PTMFitter is not open source code, and we at CHI do not have the code. We think we may have a solution - but I don't want to say for sure until we are sure. I just want to let you know that we have contacted folks who may be able to solve it. However, I'm not sure why RTIBuilder - which is a Java Application would not run, nor why HSHFitter wouldn't run. I just used the Go64 app and it says that the HSHFitter is also 32 bit. We do have the code for that one, so it should be easier to fix. I didn't get any warnings about RTIViewer. I have an older Mac and not running the latest OS. If anyone has tried ay of the tools on Catalina - please post what you have found about RTiViewer and RTiBuilder - other than the fitters, which we know are a problem. Carla
  24. That's right! In my case I have been cautious. Precisely because of that, I have verified that RTI will not work with the new version of Mac operating system and besides I have not updated my PC. That's why I wrote in this forum before the release of the OS to inform other users and for the RTI development team to work on a 32-bit to 64-bit software change. Thank you very much for the Time Magazine article. Alberto
  25. Ah yes that did it, I didn't realise every level of file needed to be absent of spaces. Many thanks, Alex.
  26. Alex, Thanks for posting the file, it is a great help. I'm not an expert but from a quick look at the project file, it looks like there is a space in one of the folder names between 'Research' and 'Project' C:\Users\Alex\Desktop\UNI\Research Project\RTI\ScaniculaDark001 Try renaming without the space and let us know how you get on. Dave
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