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  2. Hello When opening RTI Builder, asks for JAVA SE 6, but after download it it says that a newer version is installed and doesn't go on. I have used the software in previous versions. Is there any workarounds? Thanxs
  3. Hello, A solution may be the installation of Parallels desktop for mac. After you can install on the virtual environments a previous version of MacOs or Windows. You will need a bootable installer ( https://support.apple.com/en-nz/HT201372), next go to Parallels desktop (near apple top left)>file>new> select the middle option Install Windows or another os from a DVD or image file > select the thumb drive follow the prompts for installation. Then you can install your old programs 32bit like RTI Builder. Best, Renaud
  4. Hi Sunita, No I have not (yet!!). It seems that nobody else has a solution to this problem...
  5. Hello Michael, I am little late to be here. But I am having the same questions right now. I read the paper you mentioned where they claim HSH surface calculation is more sensitive to the surface changes and they extracted the calculated surface normals using RTI Builder, where I cant find how they calculate and exported the surface information. Did you come accross any solution to this? If yes would you like to share? Thank you in advance.
  6. Hello, Recently I have started looking for quantitative RTI data analysis (before and after damage / monitoring). I was wondering whether there is a tool to export the surafce information (geometrt, normals etc) from an RTI project. Is there a tool avaliable for my query? or any other way to do it? Any suggetsions? Thank you in advance.
  7. Hi Andreas. Exactly what I am looking for. How to export the surface information from the RTI builder? If you found any solution or information please do share.
  8. I had this exact same problem. It appears that the automatic update to the graphics card made everything in the RTIviewer appear as in the image Dag-Øyvind Solem shows above. My laptop is a Lenovo and I reinstalled an earlier version which they recommend: r0iiv26w. This solved the issue completely.
  9. Simon, Thanks for coming back with the update. Dave
  10. Hello, After trying a couple of time and having no luck, I uninstalled the RTI Builder and then reinstalled it. I also downloaded the program Dave Martin suggested (IrfanView) and ran the photos from my test file through that to change the .JPG to .jpg and then ran everything through the RTI Builder again and this time everything worked fine. I am not sure what has changed from last times I tried it but there was possibly a glitch in the download or (more likely) something I did or omitted to do. 3dguy - Thank you for the heads up on the megapixel limit and the solution of removing the metadata. The photos I used were the same (approximately 10MB) and this time they went through okay. I am way below the 36MP you had with your D800 and, fingers crossed, this gives me an idea of image size to stay around. I am going to try taking another set of photos and running them through the RTI Builder within the next week or so and see if the issue comes up again. Thank you Dave and 3dguy for your suggestions, hopefully, this will be the end of the problems! Cheers Simon
  11. It's been several years since I've touched the RTI software and I remember last time I was running into a megapixel limit on the PTM Fitter. I was wondering if any progress has been made in updating the RTI software or if there rae reasonable commercial versions out there (not associated with the purchase of a dome)?
  12. Reames, Check this post I made a while back. With newer cameras this megapixel limit may be your problem
  13. Hello Dave, Thanks for the tip. I tried renaming the images with the lowercase suffix as you suggested and this did not work either. Interestingly, I downloaded the fish_fossil-data-set_2000 and went through the motions and everything worked perfectly. This leads me to think that the issue is with my images. I have had a look at the properties of both one of my photos and one of the fish fossil and they seem identical apart from the size of the image; the fish fossil photos are 1.56MB while mine are closer to 10MB per image, could this be the issue? I just assumed that the fish fossil photos have been reduced for uploading but the originals will be higher MBs? Cheers Simon
  14. Glory Hallelujah! Downloaded rtibuilder. Windows dialog in the download display top right of the screen said 'suspicious program'. I said 'trust this site'. Then disabled Malwarebytes, then made backup of file just for a hard copy on a thumb drive; then 'Run'. It worked - seems Malwarebytes was the blocker in my case. Hope this helps someone else
  15. Just upgraded Java to version 8, but no help there.
  16. I have just encountered this problem, too. RTI builder has never been easy to load but things got corrupted recently and i tried to download the current version. Probably got the same response as you: Windows Defender kicks in and actually wipes the .exe file from the Downloads folder. I Have been in contact with AVG which is the top-level internet defence (it controls Windows Defender) and switched them both off, but no joy - same reaction. Please somebody smart come up with an answer!
  17. Hi Simon, Just a quick thought/suggestion. I have always used images with '.jpg' i.e. lower case. Suggest you maybe try a new project, and to test if that is the problem, you only need a handful of the images. Would suggest start a new project to do this and copy say half-a-dozen images and rename their suffix - if it all works OK then you can try with the full set (I personally tend to use IrfanView even just for renaming like this). cheers/Dave (from the 'other' Mona!)
  18. Hello, I am a brand-newbie to RTI after reading about it and wanted to try it out as an addition resource to post-excavation analysis. Everything goes well until the final step where, after hitting execute and waiting for the programme to do its thing, I get an 'Unknown Error Detected'. In the PTMfitter Output Information, all it says is 'Unknown file type: .JPG'. I have downloaded a PTMFitter from http://bit.ly/338XTyF which is what is giving me the 'Unknown file type: .JPG' code and downloaded another form Custom Imaging but neither are working. I am running Windows 10 Pro on a 64 bit system, i7-8700k @3.70GHz, 3696 Mhz, 6 coreswith 40GB of RAM and well over a terabyte of free HD space. I have attached the .xml file. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Many thanks, Simon Caerleon_Stamped_Tile.xml
  19. In addition, Carla mentioned that a script ran on software start, which set a path to the software. It would be useful to know more about the script, since the above workaround does not do anything that this script might do--you might get some funny errors because of it--what environment variables are getting set? Does the script add anything to the path? It would be useful to be able to do this manually with the above solution, or to write a little shell script that set the appropriate variables and loaded the jar.
  20. None of the above solutions worked for me, and the link to rtigroup.org page is dead. That being said, I found the following workaround based on the instructions for running the Linux version. I have OSX Catalina 10.15.7 I had two problems, firstly, I had the error that the RTI builder requires the Java 6 JDK, which is out of date and older than my system's JDK. I did not want to stomp my system JDK , so I used homebrew and jenv to install and use multiple versions. I will not dwell on this here because it ended up being complicated and I ended up trying a bunch of stuff which eventually worked. If you are having this error message, you might find the following Stack Overflow thread helpful, along with instructions for using jenv. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/26252591/mac-os-x-and-multiple-java-versions https://developer.bring.com/blog/configuring-jenv-the-right-way/ Now, for the main problem, once I got the JDK message to go away, I got the "This file is damaged and cannot be opened" error. Changing the security settings as described by Tom did not resolve the problem. I had to open the program via the terminal: cd /Applications/RTIbuilder-v2.0.2.app/Contents/Resources/Java java -jar RTIbuilder.jar The software then started. I hope other people find this helpful.
  21. Hello, I ran into the same issue. RTIBuilder does not open under Big sur. I read about the xattr -cr command, but that shows me crash notice upon opening the builder. Is there a problem with the latest version of Java and the builder? I'd be also grateful for any advice how to fix this without using virtual machine. Best Klaus
  22. Hi, I'm using Mac OS Big Sur 11.5 and RTIBuilder is not working, can you help? It's very urgent, thank you very much... 🙏
  23. Tomasz

    Buying a Dome

    Hi Amalia, if you're still interested - we're building RTI domes with some extra UV/IR LEDs for analytical photography. Best, Tomasz https://lojewski4.wixsite.com/lojewski-agh/rti-ptm
  24. Hello Ale, just came across your question. I'm building RTI domes using this approach (addressable LEDs and Arduino controller) and it works :-) Write to me if you're still interested in this project. A video presenting the dome: https://wimic.agh.edu.pl/chmura/index.php/s/dJS5gWZjwTZb4Wf Best, Tomasz
  25. Hi all, Just wanting some opinion(s) on using the highlighting method for our project. Quick overview - We are an not for profit aeronautical society here in NZ who restores various aircraft for viewing to the public. We have a DC3 that was used by the US Navy and was flown between NZ and Antarctica (at least for part of it's life). A former US ambassador kindly donated the aircraft several years ago and it is housed in a hangar for public viewing. Unfortunately due to the age of the aircraft some of the original art work has faded. We are now attempting a project to restore the paintwork in time for the 70th anniversary of the Deep Freeze program in 2025/2026. Unfortunately any photos that exist are black and white and not of much use for some of the finer art work. We are now attempting to use RTI to extract the art work so we can recreate it on the aircraft again. My problem is the surface - A door hinge to be exact. Photo 1a below shows the area of one of the art works. Due to the door hinge I am thinking I need to break it down into three separate captures (as per the coloured outlines in the photo where we know one of the art works was). My understanding is the light source (ie flash) should be around 3 times the distance away from the area you are trying to capture. The flash should only be used between on an angle 15 to 65 degrees from the surface. My question (finally got there :)) is as follows: You can see from the second photo that the hinge extrudes out some way from the surface of the aircraft. It is unlikely I can get a capture as low as 15 degrees in the lower portion of the art work (90 degrees through 270 degrees) due to a) the hinge and b) curvature of the aircraft. Any ideas? Appreciate any help ideas Cheers Marc
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