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  2. I tried to relocate the complete folder to a local drive and now it works again.. strange is only that in the past i was able to process folders which laid on the desktop, no idea... Thanks anyway and i´m still happy i could solve the problem myself 🙂
  3. Thanks Carla, Firstly, I would recognise that at project inception, decisions are taken as to what platform(s) are being targeted. The reason I described the change and reduced availability as surprising is that it is most unusual for the platform to be changed between a beta and the release candidate, unless a major technical issue is discovered. The beta version technically worked fine on 32-bit platforms. There were a number of functional issues picked in the beta, as might be expected; but, unless fixing those issues necessitated using alternative components with platform restrictions, then there would/should be no change in the range of platforms the application would run on between beta and RC. Hence my enquiry as to what was the technical imperative to introduce a restriction at this late stage. Re 'disappointing', I fully take your point that 64-bit OSes have been around for some time, but the world isn't solely 64-bit. I described it as disappointing as there are significant numbers of 32-bit machines still in use - whether whole museums and government operations, or privately. Those users could run the Beta, but not the RC. Regards / Dave
  4. Hi, i face the same problem. After a pause for normaly using RTI i came back to it, but now with any dataset i try, also with the test files i allways get the 200 library failure at the end.. the image sizes seem to be much to high but there is no sense as they are never changed and i don´t use to big and never did. But now also with the test run it is not working any more.. https://ibb.co/2sRLV54 <a href="https://ibb.co/2sRLV54"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/P9JbXtH/RTI-Problem.jpg" alt="RTI-Problem" border="0"></a> Please help me, i urgently need to work again with RTI and i have no clue how to solve this. I already reinstalled the builder and tried many different picure sets.. Thank you so much in adavance!!!
  5. Same issue here. I am not sure if there is a fix for this at this moment. I've reached out to a few people to find an answer but so far no luck. I will keep people posted if I come across a solution.
  6. Hello everyone, I have RTI Builder installed on my Mac, it runs and seems it is work. When I upload a photo / photos from the export folder, nothing happens. Nothing will load. Where am I making mistake? I have the same problem on Windows (yes, it used to say that the jpeg-exports folder is not traceable, but I've already solved it). I'm clueless now. Can anyone advise me, please? Thank you, Klára from University of Hradec Králové
  7. I got it installed and working on windows 10. In windows security > virus and threat protection > protection history > I had to restore the removed file, and mark the threat as allowed. Also, dont forget to install Java (this one) and reboot. Would be good if this software can be updated.
  8. Not sure why this is surprising. 64 bit windows OSes have been around since 2003. Most things switched to 64 bit OS's many years ago. Windows 10 is 8 years old. Our small team doesn't have any systems with 32 bit OS'es installed. We built our tools on top of other tools such as Postgres SQL, and we use qt libraries. It never seemed like a requirement to support 32bit OS'es. We don't directly support Linux for similar reasons - we don't get many requests for it - and we don't have the ability to test it. The software is open source - so once it releases, folks can get the code and try to make it work wherever they need it. We are a small team and we picked the most common systems. We just don't have the resources to support more than that, and we hope that an open source strategy mitigates that to some degree. Carla
  9. Just following up to say that I did get it working! I'm still not quite sure what the error was, but I rotated and then cropped to a square and it worked. Maybe something in the data where the image size and canvas size weren't matching? Or just ghosts in the machine.
  10. Hi Beth, Another thought, as you've mentioned how much you're extending the canvas. I wonder if the extended images are getting too big? - I can't recall seeing the dimensions ever documented as limits; but I do recall folk having problems with images that were too big. Just as an experiment, try resizing down to, say, 2000 x 2250 pixels. Dave
  11. Hi Dave, Yes to both -- I did a batch process using a recorded action that first rotated by 30 degrees, then extended the canvas to dimensions of 8000x9000 pixels, using the center as the anchor. Possibly something about the sequencing could have messed that up, I suppose, though I checked stacking them and they all look aligned properly. I had already tried it with just rotation without extending the canvas and that hadn't worked, so I was reasonably certain the issue was the rotation, but wasn't sure if it was the resulting orientation itself or maybe something weird in the EXIF data or something like that. I'm going with a restart and re-export of the original files since I have sometimes had that fix errors; it would just be useful to know if I'm trying to do something that is known not to work.
  12. Oh, thanks Carla. I must say, that is a bit surprising and quite disappointing. Could yell us why, please? Thanks Dave
  13. Beth, just a couple of thoughts: 1) When you extended the canvas, were all rectangles exactly the same X as each other and the same Y size as each other? 2) Was the rotation about the centre of the images? I guess (1) might stop them loading, (2) ought to load if all the same size but might give inaccurate results. Dave
  14. I often have to rotate my images to have the final model oriented properly for our end users. I have never had trouble with this in the past, but I'm running into problems with a specific model. I had to rotate the images 30 degrees for proper orientation rather than 90 or 180, so the photos aren't squarely-oriented rectangles as they usually are. The builder won't even load the source images, it just lets me select the jpeg-exports file and then cycles endlessly. I tried extending the background canvas to make each photo a rectangle, thinking that even if it got bad results I'd know whether the shape was the issue, but that didn't work either. Any suggestions? The same photo set works fine unrotated, so I'm not totally losing this set, but I'm using these with students so it's nice if they aren't distracted by the orientation of the model. Thanks!
  15. Hi Dave - We can only support 64bit versions of Windows. That's required by various components, and we don't expect it to be an issue. We will support windows 10 and later. We suspect it will run on 64bit Windows 7 - but we don't have a way to test it or support it. Hopefully you can try it out on a more recent OS. Carla
  16. Dear Carla, Thanks a lot, the latest version is working!
  17. has anyone been able to get the program to work properly in 64-bit Windows? i keep being told that either "some images are not present" or nothing happens.
  18. Hi Nils - My mistake - I put a slightly older version of the software into the dropbox right before leaving for a conference - bringing a different laptop. I'm back home and I have now replaced the Mac one in the dropbox with the correct one. We ran into the same security issue - and it was fixed. I'm sorry about this - I was running to get ready for my trip. Please try the new one on your Mac - it has -2 at the end. I have it installed on an M1 architecture Mac - so hopefully it works for you. Dave - I'll look into the Windows one - I haven't had any problems with the installer there in a long time. Carla
  19. I have not used it, but just something to suggest looking into: a recent development is Looking Glass Factory has 3 panels that require no glasses: a 32" 8k, a 15.6" 4k, and most recently a 7.9" 2k display. These seem to be a take on lenticular display where the screen is broken up into 45-100 viewing angles so as you move (or your two different eyes) will see two different representations. While the 8k version is a staggering $20k, the portrait is $400 and might tempt me into getting one to play with to evaluate.
  20. RC5 installation failing: (Windows 7-32 lab testing machine)
  21. Windows install failing (moved to separate thread as non-Mac, but can't delete this post D.M.)
  22. Dear Carla, thanks, that sounds like great news both for you and the team at CHI as well as for us users - i can't wait to get my hands on it. Unfortunately, i am still not able to get it running. The .pkg works as expected until i reach the last step where the installation should start. Then, all that happens is that i get an error message, which says something like: "Installation failed. Please contact the developers" (See screenshot below, it is in german though) I am Running MacOS Monterey 12.3.1, which is the latest MacOS version. I cannot downgrade my MacOS version. I tried both with an already installed Postgres and deinstalling everything before installing your .pkg. Even though you have the license, i changed my installation-settings to allow anything being installed, even without certificate (Allow apps from "Anywhere"), that didn't help either. Really weird. I am running out of ideas. Anyone else having the same issue? Any ideas so far? What else can i try?
  23. Hello and thanks for checking back. We ran into some issues getting the installer through the Apple process - and we had to change how we were packaging Postgres. The good news is that I now have a version that you can use. It has a proper installer and Apple Developer certificate! I now have access to a Mac with M1 hardware - and I have tried it there and it installs and works. The software is designed to run on MacOS 10.13.x High Sierra and later. This is our Release Candidate 5 (yes I know - it's always something - this is why it's taken us a while to get the release completed) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ahwh3gi34r1sn62/AADXRvGhxbivS_cDvUq1kJFJa?dl=0 In this dropbox you will find both the Mac and Windows installers along with a draft User guide - that is fairly complete - but needs a bit more work. We are collecting ideas for an update release, and at this point will only be fixing showstopper bugs. We are happy to have more eyes on the software and more feedback. Anyone else reading this - we would appreciate it if you drop a note on this thread and let us know that you are trying out the software - even if you don't have anything to report. Tell us what platform you are on. There is sample data installed with the database. There is still a little work to finalize it. You can also backup and restore data you may have created from the Beta version. You do that using Restore in the database menu in the software - and it will run scripts to update your database to match the latest data model. There are a lot of new features - that you will not have any data for - but you can at least reuse your equipment, locations, subjects etc. You might want to play with the sample data before restoring your own data - as it is fairly complete with examples of processing, work products, and SIPs. Also - review the section of the user guide about backup and restore. If you want to use image data that goes with the sample data - you can get that from this dropbox (not quite final) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/z3mnalr29z3bu8a/AACYrcTjH1_uHi7tKC0kPhi4a?dl=0 When we release to our website - we will have zip files containing the sample data for folks to download. Thank you for your interest - and for trying out the software. Carla
  24. Hi Gianmarco, Glad to hear it is working for you and thank your very much for updating us. Kind regards Dave
  25. Hi Dave, thank you! I have moved the folder from protected Programs folder and now RTI builder creates the cropped file. Thank you so much. Best regards. Gianmarco
  26. Gianmarco, The 'Fish fossil' definitely works OK, I've just re-run it to test. There is a known restriction that data files cannot contain spaces anywhere in the file name(s) or path. Two questions/suggestions: 1) What - exactly - is the path to the folder where you have saved the Fish_1000 project? Are there any spaces? - if so, rename to get rid of spaces and try again. 2) If there are no spaces anywhere in the data file path, your RTI builder is installed in a Windows protected area; mine is installed away from the protected Programs folder, if you move your Builder/fitter to somewhere like my working one is and try again? <xc:event COMPID="b03f18de-4146-4bd2-bc3e-5f31ccc39031" DATEF="" DATES="" LEVEL="Information" USER="">PTMfitter Path found : C:\RTIbuilder_v2_0_2\PTMfitter.exe</xc:event> Dave
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